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Yang Jiao member
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Teacher number: T17350
Full name: Yang Jiao member
Sexual distinction: Female
The birth date: 1983
Advocate schoolteaching Cheng: Physico-chemical maths
Can teach course: Elementary school maths, elementary school English, first one dyad learns first, first one first 2 physics, first one first 2 chemistry, first three learn, first 3 physics, first 3 chemistry
The school: Chinese medical university
Professional: Clinical medicine
Grade: Master
Can provide the time of family education: On Saturday afternoon Sunday
Can provide the area of family education: Shenyang urban district
Expectation wage rate: 15, 25 (unit is yuan / hour)
Other specification (ego describes) : Because the family education experience that oneself have 3 years during the university is taken an examination of grind to just stop family education job to hope to seek family education again in after school time now so at that time him job is absolutely conscientious patient hope and student joint efforts will rise

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