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He Jiao member
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Member number: T17352
Full name: He Jiao member
Sexual distinction: Male
The birth date: 1987
Advocate schoolteaching Cheng: The university entrance exam of high school of geographical junior high school
Can teach course: Tall 3 geography, psychology of the university entrance exam complementary
The school: Shenyang Normal University
Professional: Law (way of international economy way)
Grade: Big 3
Can provide the time of family education: Zhou Sanzhou all around 5 Saturday
Can provide the area of family education: Emperor aunt area, shenyang urban district
Expectation wage rate: 20-35 (unit is yuan / hour)
Other specification (ego describes) : Seasoned have article of geography of the university entrance exam of schoolteaching experience of the top class in a kindergarten Number One Scholar of integrated sheet division

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