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Mr. Xu
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Teacher number: T17348
Full name: Mr. Xu
Sexual distinction: Male
The birth date: 1971
Advocate schoolteaching Cheng: Family education of major of physics of junior high school
Can teach course: First one first 2 physics, first 3 physics
School type: City key junior high school
What teach course: Physics of junior high school
Eye predecessor portion: On-the-job
Pedagogic title grade: One class teacher learns in
Of school age: 10 years
Can provide the time of family education: Do not be restricted
Can provide the area of family education: Peaceful area, iron on the west area
Expectation wage rate: 120 (unit is yuan / hour)
Other specification (ego describes) : Old physics schoolteaching experience, earth up flower, examination paper of Yo ability teaching plan, the effect is best, price lowest