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Shallow talk about elementary school how to begin mental health education
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Education of school mental health is new condition education of next overall executive quality, deepen the significant move that school moral education works. A school regards the Shenzhen city that is in quality to teach forward position as elementary school especially, how be carried out and begin this work and obtain result, form oneself characteristic then, this is we need to be faced for long, the problem that fumble and thinks. The author regards school teacher and student as the controller of the respect, undertook active exploration on one hand in this, formed a few oneself concepts, below, run working practice actually with the school, talk about a few understanding of this respect.

One, the educational atmosphere in building everybody to participate in its

Psychology teachs the job to need to be participated in of all teacher jointly, on one hand, the psychological quality of pedagogic oneself affects his to teach manner and way directly, in the meantime, psychology taught practice to also raise new requirement to the teacher. Accordingly, form between all teacher value psychological education, the atmosphere that takes an active part in psychological education then appears very important. Peaceful peaceful elementary school had applied for at present " cause of formation of problem of psychology of special zone pupil and class level coach means is explored " task, establish task group, the academic knowledge that organizes pedagogic study to teach a respect about mental health, from the psychological knowledge of theoretic rich teacher and accomplishment. The school chooses partial teacher to attend mental health to teach C card assessment to groom on one hand, use classmaster job to permeate mental health education on one hand, formed fewer but better, the psychology with working strong capability coachs pedagogic team. Classmaster team teachs important member of the job as school mental health, the uses oneself class with the sufficient knowledge of mental health education that learns place more actively goes among management and student job. And if where,teacher assuming a tax is thinking mental health is permeated to teach in his discipline education, take psychological dredge seriously, it is better that the study that is a student and development are offerred more high grade education.

2, the mental health that propose form teachs a network

The jumping-off place that psychological education works and ultimate goal are for the student's health grow, in open psychology complementary

Guide class while, the school still built psychology to coach room, will coach to the collective of student psychology with coach individually knot

Close. Begin psychology to coach regularly with seek advice, it is a kind of when mental health teachs significant step, can seasonable

Solve psychological problem of the student, for the education of teacher, parent means offers referenced opinion. The emphasis fits a problem in the light of the school work that exists among the student and enter a higher school, mood feeling problem, human truck issue, adolescent growing problem undertake special subject coachs.
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