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Prevent to go against turn over psychology
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Go against turning over psychology is to point to people between each other to safeguard self-respect, and a kind of mentation that adopts contrary manner and words and deeds to the requirement of the other side. The child arrives 923 years old when, often generate the sentiment that with parents a kind of photograph collides. There is what word to also do not wish to say to parents in their heart, obedient in that way before to parental criticism and advise unlike, generate inimical, indocile sentiment even. People calls this kind of phenomenon of the child go against turn over psychology.
Going against the manifestation that opposes psychology is varied. If have to pedagogue apparent " recriminate is made " , " antagonism psychology " , namely you ask I such, I slant not such. And this kind of case, what cause teacher, parents the most easily is rusty. And teacher, parents the more rusty, to him (she) even more rebuke, make he feels disgusted more so, immediate impact arrives with the normal relation between parental teacher, so that the child kips, run away from home, be on guilty road even.
Go against the matter that returns psychological generation, it is adolescent is in transfer period, its independence consciousness and self-awareness increase increasingly, the hope can be cast off adult is guarded and manacle. They object growing up to regard their child, requirement with adult pose as, for project oneself extraordinary, with respect to critically to everything apt manner. When the desire of self-existent, self-expression that feel when them or worries about the outside to disregard his is hampered, they are gone against with respect to meeting generation turn over psychology to apply all sorts of methods and method to come the affection with establish ego and contrary outside. 2 it is social element, if the educational method of teacher father and mother is undeserved,wait.
Go against the manage that return a heart to be able to bring about adolescent suspicious to the thing to the person, cranky, chill, disagreement group wait for clammy disposition, made belief shakes, ideal dies out, volitional decline, job passivity of inactive, study, life is dispirited etc. Further progress returns a likelihood to be changed to guilty psychology and clammy psychology. So, how prevent and to how prevent and eliminate go against turn over psychology?
1. Understand.
Learning to understand adult from active meaning, the criticism of parental long-winded, teacher is well-meaning, the jumping-off place that sees them is good, it is the care to stemming from you. And teacher, parents also is a person, also have the feeling of normal person, also can make a mistake, also meet misapprehensive person, we should hold lenient attitude in the arms to understand them only, also won't have go against turn over psychology.
2. Hold ego.
Often remind oneself, want modest the education that accepts teacher father and mother, want to endeavor to restrain oneself when anything crops up, want to know, remove one condition unrestrained and far -ranging, dash forward the individual character that shows oneself is not is to pass the antagonism with other to come true. Additional, contact even actively with them, consult to them, so much one is communicated, much also an understanding.
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