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Let the child have happy nature
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Develop the disposition of child joy, having crucial positive effect to be born firstly. For this, psychologist advances the following focal points through research:
In the education of happy disposition, friendship is having main effect. Although the parent cannot operate the child's society lives, but can come through deepening the feeling with the child close those this relation between. In addition, let the child often be the same as even child an amuse oneself, or bring the child be the same as age person's more public place of entertainment, let him accept edification in happy external environment.
Build only when happiness go up in same thing when, it lacks stable base. As the parent, should offer diversiform alternative for the child and guide, make own wide interest, attach most importance to especially for this pairs of children that like a kind of thing particularly should.
The parent should make the child clear, some people lifetime is happy, because they are plain sailing,not be, recipe depends on getting used to the mentation with very powerful force, make they can cheer up from inside disappointment immediately. When the child encounters a setback, the parent can point out a ray of light for its and teach the child to notice to adjust mentation, find from inside happy thing comfort.
To the parent, make the child has the optimal method of happy disposition, make the family is full of joy and warmth namely. The child that rise grows in the family in happiness, because have happy nature, after manhood, the growner than wretched family child that can live happily should be gotten more much.

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