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Psychologist raises action: Develop child joy disposition
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American children psychologist passes old research to discover, pay attention to the disposition that develops child joy, be helpful for child health growing. So, where is the happy disposition that how develops the child? The following respects can provide reference for you:

1, be the same as the feeling between the child closely: In the process that develops happy disposition, friendship is having main effect. Because this parents wants to encourage the child and with age person an amuse oneself, let them learn happy and harmonious human association.

2, provide decision-making opportunity and power to the child

The nurturance of happy disposition and the action that coach and dominate the child are having close connection. Parents should try to offer an opportunity to the child, make the child knows how to use his decision making authority as a child.

3, teach the child to adjust mentation

Should make the child clear, some people lifetime is happy, its recipe depends on having the psychology with comfortable very strong stress, this makes they can cheer up from inside disappointment immediately. Be planted in the child by some when the setback, want to let him know the future always is bright, teach the child to notice to adjust mentation, make he restores happy mood.

4, the material that limits the child is had desire

Because to child thing too much meeting makes its arise " the source that obtain even if gets happiness " a kind of such illusion, should combine example to teach them so, the joy of life cannot only with corporeal fortune have delimit equal-sign.

5, education child's wide interest

Note the child's interest at ordinary times. Offer the alternative of all sorts of interest for the child, give the child necessary guiding, the child's hobby is extensive, nature has happy nature easily.

6, the perfect harmony that maintains family life

The family is harmonious, also be a when develop child joy disposition main factor. The data makes clear, the child that rise grows in the family in happiness, the rises than growing in wretched family child that manhood hind can live happily should be gotten more much.