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Lu Qin- - how does the child after 3 years old love to cry to do?
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Ask: The child is particularly obedient when 9 years old, can be after arriving 3 years old, he becomes love cries, be why ah?

  Answer: 3 years old are the first revolt period of the child. A lot of people that studying inchoate education think, 3 years old are the most important, 3 years old when the attention that he knows to use crying method to be able to cause others, he cries. The attention of others is caused when he feels good, he is good, you know, he is special meeting carefully watch what sb is doing and saying. It when you pay close attention to him so is particularly important that when you pay close attention to him so, when the child is good you pay no attention to him, cry you manage he, he may draw your attention to him with crying method, so this may be you, not be to follow see TV matter, it is to follow your educational method to matter. The child that I feel 3 years old wants him himself to work, I do not know your child has kind of desire, working desire, help you work its will? Does he want to some of what business do for instance? He misses this child of 3 years old most a secretary in charge of sth, pull a floor board e.g. you, he also should pull a floor board. You want shampoo, he also wants shampoo. You should work, he should work, at that time must he is made, you do not say the stand or fall that he makes, either, what he does is bad, you also do not say. Those who do is good you: True not simple, what do than mom is good you but really able. This moment he is willing to work.

Often be to be in when the child wants 3 years old to do, father mother does not let him do: You are too small, you can get one ground water. I know a very outstanding child now Beijing University, it is so " 10 beautiful of countrywide Young Pioneer " . His mom the method of this and child is 3 words " charming is unripe cannot be used to is raised, make oneself must suffer oneself, independent must own " so begin him shampoo from 3 years old. He says a water is put on bench he himself shampoo, he himself puts this basin. Did not put firm, the eye looks at a basin to was about to break up, his mom is pressed only, this basin can live firmly. His mom was not moved, this broke up, water of a suit of one ground water, the child is crying to clear away this ground clean, hit water to be washed again afresh, know to want to master centre of gravity later, with respect to the small business from this little, do slowly, the child is 3 years old go up nursery school, the first day went coming back, crying to come back. The teacher gives remand, mom says teacher length in the doorway: The teacher thanks you. The teacher went, mom says with him: Just sent to you today, you come back, you cannot take the home you must return nursery school. The child presses his suit, mom also does not let him take the home. Last child concede say: Mom sends a road the nursery school on the road. Mom says: Mom has sent to you, you yourself must go back. The child has no alternative, crying to going to return nursery school, leave their home very close because of his nursery school. Mom sees the child entered nursery school, oneself are answered cried greatly in house, the child also had not happened to bilking the circumstance that does not go to school again after.
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