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Have a bowel movement of 19 kinds of not obedient behavior is close
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Not obedient behavior 1 backchat
Son of 4 years old is glib, you say, he carries you on the head 10, ju Zhenzhen has a word. For instance the toy does not close good to watch TV, I say: "Do not close good to cannot watch TV. " he says: "I have authority to decide when to clear away a toy. " I am enraged so that put out TV not to let him look, he cries: "You cannot interfere my freedom. "You cannot interfere my freedom..
The expert is decoded
The child's word comes from the version of family apparently. If the family advocates democratic, also should be democracy to the child's education. The word of this child, can say " sentence sentence it is the truth " , and the right that can uphold oneself, his behavior essence does not have a fault. He just is deficient in esteem parents, but premise is parents also did not respect him.
Man-to-man an action
Reply in the child " I have authority to decide when to clear away a toy " hind, parents is OK again not verbal. After the event and child discuss: Parents hopes he clears away a toy instantly, whether should be he accepted? He hopes when to clear away a toy, whether can be parents also accepted?
2 criticism throw not obedient action the door
When criticizing a daughter every time, she can be before you " phut " the ground guards a gate to be shut heavily.
The expert is decoded
This is imitate the child with strong, sensitive to human relation force. If lie good family is human in the environment, human ability of the child will get remarkable development. Parental negligence family is human (between husband and wife, with wait between elder) communicate or between adult the behavior of joking, blame, year what young child sees is the surface, and of the child imitate a gender very strong, go to school was met.
Man-to-man an action
Each other is relevant between the adult love, understand each other, do more to communicate. The child will learn very quickly and feedback gives you, make you glad extremely.
Not obedient behavior 3 get into a huff
The son plays a computer game perpetual, I say: "Often do not play, the eye is met of bang up. " his head also does not answer the ground to say: "You are really irritated, irritated dead. " if you and he discusses this issue, be immersed in worry argy-bargy in, be done my head is greatly.
The expert is decoded
The child disrelishs parents irritated, because he must stop to play game,be, and although stop ceaselessly also certainly will does not play. And the version that the utterance that bunt is family.
Man-to-man an action
Played computer time to grow influence eye, it is the child had known with you for many times nagging. Right way is the time that plays computer with child agreement, give with alarm clock or clock control. When necessary parents dabs the child's body gives remind. At ordinary times, want special large to praise him how to have accuse force to give oneself aggrandizement.
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