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The old person looks after children should tell psychology
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Old person belt gives the child mostly after present young father and mother gives birth to the child, old people also is happy to cradle baby grandson (female) , but, some old people because too be very fond of the child, blindly doting, everything monopolizes replace. Some child disposition are very big, do not cry to be troubled by greatly greatly flexibly a bit; The life provides for oneself ability is poorer, nurturance a lot of bad habits, reached the school, with respect to the requirement that cannot get used to a teacher; More important is, some old people do not understand the child's due in process of development of body and mind training, make the child missed a few psychology to developKey period. So, old people looks after children should pay attention to psychology.

Psychologist considers to discover, psychological development cent of the infant is bigMotion, delicate act, get used to ability, language and social behavior 5 respects. So, look after children cannot simply he is satiate drink sufficient do not cry to be troubled by, should pay attention to child mental education. Above all, the respect trains in big campaign, in the child child Fu can let lie to go up in the bed when a month, momently exercise looks up movement. The head that the child practices when two months stands momently continuously. The child lets bending over to practice bosom leaving a bed when 3 months. What the head practices when 4 months is erect. When 5 months, help child practices turning over. The arm when Fu of child of the exercise when 6 months lies is propped up, make pectoral abdomen leaves bed area, can turn over. The exercise when 7 months sits firm. The exercise when 8 months is creeping. The exercise when 12 months walks. Ran practices when 18 months, stair of ability of balance of the exercise when 30 months, fluctuation, bouncing movement, ascend movement, cast movements and listen to countersign to do gymnastic movement to wait.

Next, in the training respect of delicate act, the 1 grab movement to child of the exercise when 3 months; 4 be captured to the exercise when 7 months and capture movement; 6 to the exercise when 7 months get a start; 7 to movement of change hands of the exercise when 8 months; 8 use big toe and forefinger to be opposite to the exercise when 12 months the action that hold; The child trains after 15 months build building blocks, turn over a book, hold a pen, wear pull; Paper folding of the training after 24 months, spell a plan, wait for a movement with the chopstick.

The 3rd, getting used to ability respect, the 1 vision that trains the child to 4 months and hearing react, let the child dog with the eye colourful jolty object, shake to the child bell, conversation, sing; 5 arrive when 8 months, training child searchs the object, angle that use a hand conciouslyToy; 8 shake conciously to child of the training when 10 months bell, right knock Fang Mu, wait for a movement from the fetch in the cup; The study when 12 months builds top; How much does size of understanding of the learning after 27 months mix; The training after 30 months distinguishs color, inside and outside; The training after 42 months is known and identify a graph to wait.
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