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Middle school teacher comments on examination paper of Guangdong the university
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News.dayoo.com 2008 year on June 16 20:22 origin: Guangzhou daily

Many middle school teacher of Guangdong comments on tall this year exam to coil

Examination questions all is inside the limits that check key link but the check examinee that pays attention to integrated ability more knows ability of achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject to get tall cent

The university entrance exam already was entered this year judge a phase. Yesterday, organization of courtyard of exam of Guangdong province education is provincial many middle school teacher coils to tall this year exam examination questions undertakes commenting on. The reporter understands, the examination questions of each course adjusts the university entrance exam somewhat this year, and theory and real phase are united in wedlock, it is a of proposition of the university entrance exam fundamental trend, material of title of goal of a lot of families comes from extracurricular. Accordingly blindly constrained at textbook, pay attention to the study method of mechanical memorizing only, will not get used to the development of proposition of the university entrance exam, gain tall cent impossibly also.

Civil / Liao Yi of reporter Qin Hui's reporter China


Contemporary article reads change the biggest

Comment on a person: Mr. Yu Miaoxia learns in opening smooth city to open live abroad

This year difficulty of Chinese examination questions moderate. Above all, language ABC is adjusted somewhat in check formally, put many idiom into Duan Li of a language. Next, the university entrance exam takes check of reading of article of ancient poetry poem seriously more. The understanding that poetry appreciate chooses poem of the content that chant and rhetorical gimmick reachs main check to be allowed internally.

Contemporary article is read is this year a the change in examination paper of Chinese of the university entrance exam is the biggest, wait to have relatively apparent change from the angle of the cent value of examination questions, chosen style, check. Take an examination of article Duan Xuanwen is a person of academic or artistic distinction to make surely. Choose one's deceased father civil paragraph anthology from foreign work. Check of contemporary article reading holds to the university entrance exam choose name of a person of academic or artistic distinction piece, this is to high school contemporary article is read education and for reference one kind of training directs.

The composition is inscribed " do not say easily ' not ' " , examinee can decide conception from different point of view, face difficult, setback, disaster, cannot say easily " not " ; Face challenge, new trial, cannot say easily " not " ; When facing him need to extend aid, consecratory love, cannot say easily " not " ; Face the consideration of others, help, cannot say easily " not " ... the university entrance exam this year writes a composition, reflected the style of deal with concrete matters relating to work of Guangdong proposition.
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