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Take an examination of in for reference 3 paces music
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Take an examination of in draw near increasingly, how to undertake reviewing forring reference, how had done face one's deceased father preparation, how to prevent " stage fright " , how to arrange food to wait, these problems are to be in in the examinee when taking an examination of must have held. To this, interview about what the expert accepted our newspaper reporter, solved above problem one by one.

Review piece: More connection is reviewed below pedagogic guidance the society is actual

Review for reference capture 3

Nanchang city teachs division place expert to point out, review for reference to basically catch 3: Above all, want the arrangement according to the school, undertake reviewing below the teacher's guidance. Next, want the actual condition from him examinee to set out, the choice reviews strategy appropriately. Again, want those who master science to revise a method. More attention life and connection society are actual, apply analysis and the education that solve real problem ability especially important.

Review note to answer comprehensive

Above all, attend class should hold a key. The place that place of mark outpour teacher emphasizes -- pedagogic regular meeting says: "This is very important " or " this is a common error " , want to be tagged with different number at this moment. Want to notice to hear a few words that list property: "4 measure in this one process are below " reach " finally " , "Accordingly " and " still have " , such word may tell you to state a main idea already was told about end, another should be told below.

The 2nd, handwriting clear, content is comprehensive. A neat note can save time, the word that omits possibly, phrase or thought, in room of the put apart in note, class hind consults teacher or classmate, this is a process that reviews again. Common word and term should use abbreviate form, have the time that more listens and keeps so.

The 3rd, classify. The summary that do a pen notices example and lecture exercise parts, the meeting when such reviewing distinguishs primary and secondary.

Center attention to overcome stage fright

Nanchang city teachs division place expert to think, causing the cause with the most immediate stage fright is the strain that faces a beyond the mark angst and fear to cause. How does that prevent stage fright? Nanchang city teachs division place expert introduction: Above all, want to understand exam significance correctly. Do not think exam failure can bring what result on examination room, want to put energy on the positive action that solves a problem. The 2nd, want to have hope. Confidence is fuller, the mood is quieter, attention jumps over concentration, face won't nervous. The 3rd, want to treat competition of exam of enter a higher school correctly, make good multiple choice, with to take an examination of common state of mind.
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