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Study of violin of string musical sound is not gotten urgently
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Choose musical instrument: Model is appropriate and intermediate preferential

As we have learned, the violin has 6 kinds of type, arrive as a child big ordinal for 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4, the basis of violin of choose and buy is not the child's age, however the length of child arm: Place good cheek mat, arm unbend, the position that musical instrument head obtains palmar heart is appropriate. Be brought up slowly as the child, change even the violin with appropriate model.

Two errors often appear when the parent is choosing musical instrument: It is " reach the designated position " , wanting to want to trade big musical instrument later anyway, reach the designated position as, let the child play achieve adult musical instrument directly, such results are bad. Because musical instrument is too big, the child's finger is less than the position with exact sound quite, cause error of child hand form, create frustration sense easily also; 2 be " collect is mixed " , the exercise musical instrument of class lowest is bought when child new learning, good musical instrument is traded again after waiting for practice to give a bit result, also go against the child to hold to an exercise so actually. Accordingly, when begin to learn, the musical instrument of the class in suggesting the parent is bought to the child.

Lian Qin:  of Ji of Ang of the first month 3

★ should maintain chart wearing and eye line of sight to make the same score neat, make body nature forceful, benefit breathes normally at thorax, give left hand freedom mobile space, land of can approximate level and bowstring contact the Gong Ye of the right hand, control an operation easily. The position that wear a stage is too small, very easy nurturance holds musical instrument to cross low fault when the exercise, need to do his utmost to offset the to fingerplate sideslip when carry bend, change to agile and happy ground bring restrict.

When ★ just began a practice, likelihood arm, finger is very inflexible, hurried exercise can reduce quality. Had better immerse the hand a little while in hotter water, finger can restore soft delicacy very quickly.

Before ★ practices, apply quint Cheng to examine the impact between bowstring and bowstring is precise. When the exercise on the bowstring that forbids in tone, to obtain news is accurate, finger must press incorrect position, time grew, meeting change finger allows mobily to spend; If press contrapuntal buy, criterion sound forbid, can damage audition feels, perhaps make the hand points to not know what to do.

When ★ practices, applied school sound implement the pitch that examines every spring is correct. Same root bowstring if everyday pitch is different, the hearing to the person and musical instrument itself will produce adverse effect.
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