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Learn much door foreign language to want at the same time discreet
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Personalized education demand is ecbolic many language study is small age change -- ,

Individuation teachs demand times advent

Those who accompanying English is hot, capital French, Japanese, Han Yu, spanish grooms also begin to appear low age turn a tide, the reporter is in a few when education of Beijing much language centers relatively to groom greatly inside the class, see a lot of pupil that do not arrive 10 years old, they had been satisfied at learning simple English not only, and begin learn French, Japanese, Han Yu. The reporter is in new east, round-the-world elegant think of, new power groom of the orgnaization in interviewing, be informed, 12 years old of numbers that learn much language below increased than last year near 80% .

The market fast give: Capital much language grooms show low age turn a tide

The reporter sees in institute of round-the-world elegant Sai Wangjing: Chinese child and Korea child attend class together, korea child teachs Chinese child Han Yu, chinese child teachs Korea child Chinese. The parent mirrors this to plant " each other learns each other to drill " the effect is very good! Have 9 years old of boys of a boat making boat, those who go up is here " little Han Yu " , the mom that accompanies him to come along tells a reporter, the interest that thinks boat letting boat comes here to foster a few pairs of Han Yu is originally in the home, result because he met little girl of a lot of Korea in the institute, learned English again, very have fun at, progress also very make a family member amazed.

The reporter is in new power school to see, parent of a student asks the school offers sign of birthday of middle and primary school 2 class coach course. His child this year 13 years old, it is to arrive last summer school learned Japanese primary, want to sign up for intermediate course again now. Say according to the parent, it is to want to make a child much learn a foreign language, compare with other child so, can have more competition ability!

The child that the reporter still encounters the junior high school on a Gang Congying country to come back in the place signing up of new Oriental school, he goes back to the motherland this even if learn English newly eastward to be in, and he still plans to learn French and German. His mom tells a reporter: "If the child has a language only,be insufficient, learn a few languages more as a child, can have a lot of helps to developing after him so. Can have a lot of helps to developing after him so..

Fan Meng shows the controller of department of much language of new Oriental school: These two years, much language grooms diversity chose to increase by degrees 30%-40% . Previously with be in the majority of German, French, Japanese person, mix with Italian, spanish now Han Yu is more, multiligualism turns the development tide of the circumstance, basically be to go abroad, study abroad, diversification of to apply for a job, interest, demand. Before, give priority to with the undergraduate, now, pupil and adult white-collar are in the majority.
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