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One model examination questions analyses Guangzhou the university entrance exam
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Graph: A few Gao Sanxue give birth to Shanghai on the gym that goes up surely everyday to roll iron hoop. The university entrance exam draws near more, take exercise cannot abandon hair of Xinhua News Agency

Tao Mingxia of trainee of handsome of king of our newspaper reporter

One modular all through the ages of Guangzhou city has " vane of the university entrance exam " say, also be the most important before the university entrance exam try to find out the real intention exam. Zhou Yiben edition published Guangdong name school wide elegant middle school is high 3 prepare lessons group teacher is right one model takes an exam this year Chinese, maths, English the analysis of 3 divisions, continue today the analysis that print gives the others headings in an account book, in order to aid examinee people hold level of the sprint before taking an examination of, science raises level of take an examination.

Manage radical / article radical

Most avoid thick X is thin other headings in an account book

This manage put together / exam of article put together is exposed exposed weakness and similar before, outside the X division that specializes in besides the student, other two divisions are shown consideration for and take care to preserve very hard entirely.

One chooses the fellow student that accuses chemistry to tell a reporter, because be opposite at ordinary times,training of physics, biologic is measured too small, do examination questions every weeks, come up against a bit harder topic to be about to be recollected for ages so, unresponsive a lot of. And one chooses the fellow student that accuses physics to say, inside all course, live thing is worse. Visible and reasonable base / in the learning process when Wen Jiping, very easy say turkey to one and bazzard to another, oversight among them one division or two divisions.

Have examinee report, the chemistry in manage radical examination paper is chosen become a problem less than before two. "Feel to be in an unfavorable situation a bit at the beginning, " one chooses the examinee that takes an examination of chemistry to say, "But do discovery to whole feels and was not affected. " more examinee express to did not discover this one change at all.

Teachers think, no matter be choice title or subjective problem, distinction is not big, knowledge has mastered, ability has made examination paper, do not care why to be planted problem.


Electromagnetism is mechanical difficulty is greater

Examination questions of one model physics reflected Guangdong physics to study the change of key link: Anthology take an examination of content to turn into by choice title blame choice title, adopt 2 problems to choose the form of 1 problem, cent value is 6% , than last year 5% increase, anthology take an examination of content to be put inside problem of fill a vacancy, the university entrance exam is specific nevertheless how to distributing ambiguous still. Computational problem turns into from the 6 problems previously 5 problems.
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