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Maths of the university entrance exam reviews: Make the best of time behead of p
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The university entrance exam of the first phase review had had a session, this one phase is emphasizing the reviewing of ABC all the time. Began March, can the school enters special subject to review link in succession. If the university entrance exam does not have the war of smoke of gunpowder with, reviewing is behead of pass a barrier will all the way fight closely, in the time Duan Li of a such a connecting link between the preceding and the following, is maths reviewed which a few col had wanted?

- recursive textbook closes

No matter how is the university entrance exam taken an examination of, of ABC be being applied neatly is indispensable. Usually every are planted problem (choice, fill, solve) before a few problems are fundamental problem, some is the immediate application of a few concepts only, have a plenty of the simple combination that a few knowledge nod, and these want ABC to reach the designated position only, lose cent not easily commonly. each chapter from the back review brief summary to be read well, among them what nod to knowledge explain, have relevant example, this often is oversight of the place when studying a life, might as well read 9 rules everyday review brief summary, have profit very much to the assurance of ABC.

The process is here medium, want to use good textbook, the typical action of the example in producing teaching material adequately. Must overcome " have grandiose aims but puny abilities " illness, in not solid difficult problem is attacked before catching good ABC and basic training, do rise integratedly, affirmation won't have good effect. There is examination questions of quite a few in examination paper of maths of the university entrance exam in fact is cite of main subject directly on textbook or make what be out of shape and must come a bit.

Master each paragraphic concept, property, law, formulary, theorematic, axiom and typical example systematically, this is the university entrance exam reviews the first step that must have made, tall examination questions " result from textbook, prep above textbook " , this is a changeless truth, the absolutely when be being reviewed so cannot be far from textbook, still should have development to content of a few textbook when necessary reasonable and dug, outspread and extend.

- mass of promotion solution title closes

Of mathematical ability rise cannot leave to become a problem, but the amount that the crucial factor that decides to review the result is not a title, and the quality that depends on solving a problem and processing level. Solution maths problem should emphasize research to understand the thinking process of the problem, make clear the meaning that basic maths knowledge and basic maths thought inscribe to solution and action, many way that considers to apply different thinking method to solve same maths problem, in the process that solves a problem in the analysis already the transverse connection that compose establishs knowledge, the habit that nurturance much angle ponders over a problem.
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