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Take an examination of in Guangzhou put a list of names posted up
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In Guangzhou one's deceased father put a list of names posted up

Literacy class Number One Scholar " little known " confirm " balanced education "

Province experiment middle school undertakes the whole thing contain title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination of the cent that deliver file inside " before 10 " 5 chairs

Report from our correspondent yesterday 12 when, one's studies of graduate of Guangzhou city junior high school takes an exam (the following abbreviation " in one's deceased father " ) begin " distribute " report, what examinee can pass the means such as mobile phone short message, network to inquire his is medium study result.

According to statistic, guangzhou city attends this year in the tester that take an examination of counts 116617 people, the exam leads 99.23 % . 7 divisions (add sports) total cent divides 488.8 minutes on average, among them Chinese divides 97.45 minutes on average, maths divides 86.24 minutes on average, english divides 85.15 minutes on average, politics divides 67.04 minutes on average, physics divides 62.05 minutes on average, chemistry divides 57.93 minutes on average, sports divides 35.06 minutes on average. From the point of exam achievement, the level of city of class of each area, county is progressively and adjacent, obligation teachs balanced development to get be reflectinged further.

Past examination questions " numerous, difficult, slant, old " the state gets settlement this year

According to introducing, proposition was taken an examination of to strengthen the connection that examination questions and society live actually with the student in Guangzhou city this year, pay attention to the check student control to knowledge and skill circumstance, apply place integratedly in specific scene to learn intellectual analysis and the ability that solve a problem especially, put an end to the requirement that sets a catch question, strange problem, each division is paid attention to reflect spirit of new course experiment, in take ABC check seriously while, take check student seriously to solve the ability of real problem, better land changed past examination questions " numerous, difficult, slant, old " state.

"Examination paper form is lively and diversiform, tradition and innovation give attention to two or morethings, difficulty and area graduation are more reasonable " , guangzhou city staff room concerns chief opinion, the knowledge that examination paper paid attention to pair of students is written down, understanding, analysis, apply, the integrated check of the ability such as appreciate; Each division examination paper notes the immanent connection of course knowledge, take the check that recombines to learn knowledge, whole to hold capacity of intellectual construction system with integrated place to the student seriously. Additional, each division examination paper still is paid attention to permeate education of thought moral character, pay attention to guide a student to pay close attention to life of society, care, do one's best makes education and Yo person organic union.
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