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English of the university entrance exam reviewed guidance 2008: Converse thinkin
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Na Kaizhong learns Duan Shengli

Exemple 2: I Am Surprised That You Should Have Been Fooled By Such A(an) ___trick.

A.ordinary B.easy

C.smart D.simple

Answer D. The Surprised that works from the problem and Such A... knowable it is simple game.

Exemple 3: The Boy Had A _____ Escape When He Ran Across The Road In Front Of The Bus.

A. Close B. Short

C. Narrow D. Fine

Answer C. Escape by the skin of one's teeth of Have A Narrow Escape.

Exemple 4: The Rapidly Growing Birth Rate Brings About A Lot Of Environment Problems, which The Government Is Supposed To Take _____ .

A. Significantly B. Severely

C. Earnestly D. Seriously

Answer D. Take. . .seriously, take seriously, treat seriously.

Exemple 5: -- I Hear That You Will Go To Visit The Space Show Soon, won ' T You?

-- Yes, september 24, to Be______ .

A. Frank B. Precise

C. Honest D. Fair

Answer B. To Be Frank, frankly speaking; To Be Precise, say exactly, be equivalent to saying To Be Exact; To Be Honest, say frankly; To Be Fair says fairly.

Exemple 6: -- This Book By Tony Garrison Is Of Great Use For Our Course.

-- But I Think His Latest One Is ______ Worth Reading.

A. Better B. More

C. Most D. Very

Answer A. Got-up Worth uses Well, his Latest One wants here and the first This Book is done quite, better of use comparative dergee. The attention does not use More, its positive degree is Much, do not decorate Worth.

Exemple 7: These Plastic Flowers Look So _____ That Many People Think They Are Real.

A. Beautiful B. Natural

C. Artificial D. Similar

Answer B. Natural is natural, do second half with the problem sentence Real is corresponding. Beautiful, beautiful; Artificial, artificial; Similar, similar.

Exemple 8: It Is For A Person In His Position To Make Such A Mistake.

A. Rare B. Scare

C. Usual D. Rarely

Answer A. Rare, very scarce, rare; Scare, lack, insufficient.

Ask you to do do the exercise below, see the collocation of adjunct, you master how.

1. I Would Be Very _____ If You Could Give Me An Early Reply.

A. Pleasant B. Grateful

C. Satisfied D. Helpful

2. When You Turn On The TV Set, clear Pictures Will _____ Appear On The Screen.

A. Rapidly B. Hurriedly

C. Lately D. Immediately

3. Broadly Speaking, I Would Agree With Shirley, though Not _____ .

A. Widely B. Thoroughly

C. Entirely D. Extensively

4. -- On Holidays of é of Do You Allow Your Son To Go To Any Internet Caf?

-- Not!