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The expert is bold guess: Remains of Qin Shi emperor may be saved in good condit
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The expert is bold guess: Remains of Qin Shi emperor may be saved in good condition

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Data picture: Room of tomb of Qin Shi emperor imagines a figure

Data picture: Imperial tomb of Qin Shi emperor seals earth (Chinese country is geographical / graph Xia Juxian / photography)

The history of Qin Wangchao and Qin Shi emperor, it is without all record in the history of vast, concern the imperial tomb of Qin Shi's emperor that built nearly 40 years especially, as a result of account not speak in detail, more show complicated and confusing. Have lots and lots of in the palace of Qin Ling ground that the fact hides in mystery, await people to seek.

How much does ground palace jewellery know? "Crossbow " can you still blast off automatically? Is remains of Qin Shi emperor in good condition still... can round He Ricai of a lot of mystery defeat solution? Recently, our country Qin Han history Guo Zhikun is in the expert museum of tomb figure of military forces of Xi'an Qin Shi emperor holds research achievement press conference ceremoniously, to Qin Ling these affected doubtful case of through the ages of nerval of millions upon millions person to undertake bold guessing inside ground palace.

Guess 1

Qin Ling seals earth to have many tall

"Two parts compose a hillock that Qin Ling towers by the ground and subterranean ground a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale. According to history record ' hill is tall 50 a unit of length ' or ' more than 50 a unit of length ' computative, qin Ling seals hillock 115 meters tall, circumference 2076 meters. " have " China is publicized history " (first Qin Juan) , " Qin Shi Huang Dachuan " the Qin Han that waits for work history Guo Zhikun says the expert, after more than 2000 years today, through actual measurement, existent a hillock is greatly contractible already, circumference has 1390 meters only, bottom area one hundred and twenty thousand seven hundred and fifty square metre.

In bound of archaeology of China and foreign countries, the existent height view that about Qin Shi Huang Ling seals earth is differ. Guo Zhikun says, decrease to sealing earthy acute, people is ordinary its " ascribe to " thousands of years weather-beaten with factitious cutting. And Duan Qingbo of team leader of group of archaeology of hill of researcher of academy of Shaanxi province archaeology, the Qin Dynasty offers a new point of view recently: "More than 50 a unit of length " the design height that just seals earthy project, this project became what did not finish finally " half child project " , actual height has 51.4 meters only. He thinks, the project that seal earth begins after Qin Shi emperor is dead, about half person is transferred to build building site to A room palace later. The paddle that Zhou Wen hit the following of Chen Sheng, Wu An to be apart from cemetery to have a few unit of distance only later (today Xi'an faces Tong near new abundant town) . Panic-stricken Qin Ershi has not enough time to transfer army is met head-on, the person that let Zhang Han build the ginseng of the project that seal earth rapidly arms rise to be met head-on hurriedly, the project that seal earth causes stop work.
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