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Renown division raises action: Exceeding judicatory exam revises a method exceed
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Author: Zhong Xiuyong of division of name of exam of judicatory of the Big Dipper

Judicatory exam should be an usual exam originally, its assume basically is one is had " eligible " the examinee of level of knowledge of graduate of law major undergraduate course can pass this exam smoothly. But cannot conclude from this say, always do not have the examinee that takes an exam through judicatory, no matter you are law Master, still be law doctor, did not achieve " eligible " the level of undergraduate course graduate. Because, from the point of the assessment means that at present judicatory takes an exam and assessment standard, better law knowledge accomplishment just adopts the requirement that judicatory takes an exam, is not sufficient condition.

Main as a result of the following two reasons, originally common judicatory exam suddenly change one's identity, make examination of exceeding, excruciating:

The first, between the requirement of exam outline and the requirement that examination questions designs be out of line. For choose can " deceive people with true word " lawyer, at the same time for choose " the art of perfectness and fair justice " judge and inquisitor, the architect of judicatory exam outline raised a kind of very Utopian requirement, the judicatory that did not come namely hold course of study person must the legal knowledge with many be proficient in, accomplish in great majority domain leakproof. Regretful is, the examination questions design that judicatory takes an exam cannot bear the weight of this one task. For instance, even if is civil code, criminal law so fundamental branch law also must be inside two hours the assessment that finish, this decided thematic amount is quite finite. To solve this one difficult problem, the purpose that takes an exam to come true at the same time, design person of the title must undertake thematic design according to the rule of the exam, this is examination questions must have a letter to spend, effect is spent and area graduation. From this, of most thematic check is the most legal knowledge that uses in judicatory practice. This also is " the intellectual place that has 80% every year can be repeated check " reason. Such, the requirement of exam outline and the demand that examination questions designs appeared to be out of line inevitably, this kind is out of line to reflect the of 65% knowledge that asks to master in outline and exam to did not concern centrally. Without doubt, if you for reference in detail according to the requirement of outline, , you also chose " suffering can'ts bear character " the way that special department studies.

The 2nd, "Cloud block mist is circled " thematic design. With connection of the a bitth photograph, since give problem person to be forced to be taken an examination of on extremely narrow knowledge point,will be taken an examination of, achieve 560 minutes to prevent fractional line or the case that the examinee of 90% can pass a test,examination,etc. appears, designing the theme a few harder is inevitable choice. These a few years, the compound sex that person giving a title basically chooses through increasing check knowledge, academic sex, concealment the difficulty that the step such as the gender will come raise a subject. Not be very difficult it seems that at the beginning of such title, kill however machine hide, notch not easy. For instance, before 2002 if take an examination of " of debt conserve cancel counterpoises " , the option that inscribes together often involves the issue that cancel counterpoises only, but after 2004, the many knowledge such as the invalid, donative contract that 4 option that choose a topic together include cancel authority, subrogation authority, contract possibly are nodded. Again for instance, want to become problem of individual to certain choice later, the likelihood needs you accurate control the building is divisional a lot of knowledge such as contract of business of house of relation of adjacent of all, photograph, mutual, servitude, commodity. Anyhow, common sense is, manage the mist of thematic cloud block that take an examination of is circled, trap is very much, the title goes out " accurate is fast " , quite " tricky " .
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