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Renown division is taught - tall 3 electricity review a proposal
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[author: Institute of attend in a advanced studies of teacher of yellow riverside area teachs the member that grind is strict and impartial]

Electricity part is calendar year the university entrance exam (news of the university entrance exam, the university entrance exam says) the key content in examination questions, its divide a value to occupy the 1/3 left and right sides that always divides about. Electricity part includes the chapter such as electric field and circuit, magnetic field and electric magnetic induction, look content is much and complex, be being reviewed integratedly is one Zhang Yizhang's scanning no longer, should review with unit have distinction, the following proposal offers reference only.

Should understand above all " check key link " and examination questions of the university entrance exam is medium in last few years the difficulty of electricity part examination questions.

Know when you what the university entrance exam will take an examination of only, take an examination of what deepness, ability decides you need to review what thing, what stuff is expensive one, teacher of second year in high school is coach the contest, content that extends eye shot, what " difficult problem " although won't, also need not be in tall 3 research, "Check key link " can consult first last year, need not wait only 06 check key link newly, "Difficulty problem " can draw lessons from China division to be published greatly " Shanghai coils classification unscrambles difficulty " , the specific aim that with ensuring Gao Sanfu reviews.

Want to undertake inducing abstracting to teaching material content next.

1, study content: (electric field, magnetic field, report magnetic field) with the road (closed circuit) .

2, the angle of research: Force (electric field force, ampere force) and can () of electric potential energy.

3, main law: Coulomb law, Ohm's law, arris second law and law of Faraday electromagnetism induction.

4, use a tool: Electric field line, magnetism touch line, characteristic curve and sketch map.

The 3rd should think over to what settlement problem has thinking process and review, accumulate the experience that solve a problem.

The title is done was opposite nature is very happy, but cannot have done even if come to an end, be opposite especially of a few models, oneself make mistake easily again " good subject " , although the answer is right, but oneself thinking process is messy probably, and memory by excitement diluent a few minutes, when meeting similar theme to be the same as a title even again later, past contact can not manage to give build mood to come temporarily. It is no matter so solve very smoothly, or for many times suffocate suffocate hind is abrupt of satori, it is good to should take the advantage of a title to just was done, when impression is deeper, divide the analyse, thinking process that arranges oneself in time, how do the matter that reviews suffocate suffocate and satori arise again. This pair discovers and correct the error in thinking process, accumulate the experience that solve a problem very helpful.
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