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Physics of 3 last term reviews guidance first
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Date: 2007-01-05 author: Always just promote origin: News evening paper

To 3 students come first say, should enter period end to review immediately greet the crucial phase that take an examination of. How to undertake reviewing? Reviewing level, talent of what kind of method should we use efficient does the ground undertake reviewing? This is each quandary that very urgent need solves 3 students first. We think, reviewing also have its law. Want to follow reviewed pattern only, reviewed result can get rising certainly. Physics is reviewed must pay attention to a method, such ability have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.

Notice paragraphic to each ABC review and remember again. Want those who undertake ABC and basic method are given priority to to review above all. same content it is good to review the method that has inside different time dispersedly to want to review the result than concentration much, its are main the reason is to be remembered again drive before forget, consolidated memory. This link has a lot of students to was not fulfilled, can cause ABC not solid. Because these each student wants very notice pair of ABC and basic method review memory, "At ordinary times not burn joss sticks, make effort at the last moment " the common fault that is a lot of students.

The system is reviewed is not right repeat simply what had learned knowledge, want to capture immanent connection of knowledge, the knowledge that gets on teaching material nods a system to undertake classify. For example, with respect to physical fundamental and rule, formula and unit, and physics history wait for content, classify is arranged undertake reviewing, can master teaching material knowledge already so, can achieve again " the fill a vacancy that check leakage " purpose. Want to notice each knowledge nod the connection between, form network structure of knowledge and immanent connection stage by stage. Be opposite especially the key knowledge of physics of junior high school, the form that wants the preliminary study that pursue with intellectual structure rises the content connection of one chapter, the knowledge that can make learn so becomes significant and systimatic, reach the level of achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject easily.

Want to have the practice of certain amount, ability undertakes digestive to learns knowledge. Learn the purpose of physics, it is to apply the knowledge of physics to solve a problem, of some physics exercises solve a process to solve physical problem in imitate namely. The physical rule of junior high school is not much, but physical phenomenon and process are Protean however. Grasping basic idea and pattern only is insufficient, still must master scientific thinking way. Be like the method of activate physics model, control variable standard, equivalent substitution method, ratio law is waited a moment. Mastered scientific thinking method, ability sees clear essence through the phenomenon. Only those who carry exercise in school work is solve, ability understands the requirement that physical knowledge uses, understand the intention of physical knowledge; Ability him education has the certain integration analysis competence, capacity that uses mathematical tool to solve a problem; The thinking ability that just can develop oneself, basic method that understands physical research. Only those who carry exercise in school work is solve, ability raises inferential ability, analysis integrated ability, agile ground applies place to learn knowledge to solve physical problem. But, a lot of people think solution problem is the exclusive and effective method that raises his to check branch, make oneself are immersed in problem sea thereby. Actually this also cannot be taken, and it is the strategy of a kind of study with not expensive efficiency. Because this is below the premise of the exercise in school work that divides certain amount, undertake to the exercises of same kind trade off study is a kind of very effective method, be worth classmates to try.
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