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Student of the Song Dynasty
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Student number: S12003
Cross access line: 141, 138, 255, 236, 290, 294 reach loose mountain village
Beg education division: English, maths, physics
The pupil studies a situation: Filling difference
Read year: First 2
Study the issue of existence at present
And family education requirement: Study is not active, intellectual control is not firm, experienced exercises is done less! Hope family education is in charge of seriously, strict requirement child!
Can teach time: Zhou Yi comes Zhou Wu is late, saturday, day by day all but
Sexual requirement: Had better be schoolmaster
Education means: Had better come for the teacher
Be in an area: Emperor aunt area
Connect a telephone call: 024-82688872 (working hours: 9:00 - 19:00)
Salary standard: 20-25/ hour
Contact: Gentleman of the Song Dynasty

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