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By accident the last class of person children reading notes: How to spend our li
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Be present Zhu Jun: You are good!

I arrive the law is old already full 4 years, the class that flew 4 years. Today is you the last class of this semester, I and everybody had spent 17 good weeks together, if include today, it is 27 hours in all. In these 27 hours, I have favour and everybody to return distant Chinese ancient time together, go farring the ancestor that thinks of us is what kind of life, then everything lets me touch.

Respecting last class, we very naturally thinks of that famous novel of heart " last class " . We do not have them in those days the French is so miserable, but this last class, at me be sadness however. I do not plan retell any content related to this course, because that is,do not tell. I hope I can come truly only today the duty of a teacher, that follows namely be present the life that Zhu Jun talks about our everybody to be being experienced.

It is early before a week, I am thinking, how should I tell this last class, previously the last class of each semester, I always am oneself the macroscopical view to Chinese history tells everybody, but these words, I had been told on the class previously, retell does not have too great sense. Previously each semester, I make the mistake with serious the next, just undertake intellectual sex morely explain to public namely, however, these two years, especially this year, I more and more feeling to become a teacher so is finite, also be far insufficient. In I and be present in Zhu Jun's finite association, I am more deep-felt those who experience is friends the care to life problem, and no matter seek all another person, still be the experience of myself, this thinks and exploration is far the study that compares intellectual sex is more serious.

Yes, you are lying pattern time, compare with you, I already too old, double be your age almost. One year that when you are born, if was 1987, the beginning of the year of that year, chinese undergraduate first time is on street initiatively, the passion that uses them and warm blood, sincerity and youth appeal to the government politics is reformed, but without the result -- worse than doing not have a result even; After two years 1989, await you in those days ability is 3 years old, chu Xia of that year, more undergraduates, go waking up the country of this sleep deeply with more blood and youth, but a lot of people in them, blood stays in square, lying only this now the square of a body, in those days blood is cannot abluent, it is more longer than all corporeal gravestone long, the colleague lake that resembles me leaves him in hill custom, became him to have unripe year last poem. The name of these people be gotten on originally from registered permanent residence permanent delete, we do not know who they are even, and in you likely even somebody does not know to had produced this job, however, to us, to experiencing of time that me, it is the majorrest society event in lifetime however, it affects my lifetime deeply already.
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