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Zhang Ming: Major of renown officer finance graduates to protect installed grief
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In the university, finance is belonged to the sort of technical very strong major, if connect this kind of professional graduate to cannot seek a decent job, still must rely on outside school to coach Banlaijia is held, so, our student is in the university, what to acquire?

Author: Zhang Ming, chinese people university is taught

The undergraduate students graduation of major of finance of a renown officer cannot find the job, finally with the name from examinee, security personnel was done in the bank, every monthly wages 1000 odd. Those who earn is not consistent still bead three-cornered farmer work is much. This is the thing that produces in the capital.

Undergraduate obtain employment is difficult, what be any more fresh topic, although our university appears in the newspaper obtain employment report, in the main obtain employment rate is in 90 % above, but condition of true undergraduate obtain employment, our educational authorities heart knows most propbably abdomen bright, otherwise, how always learning in bosomy distend is common education, the undergraduate should become average worker, it is to want to let undergraduates probably, the graduate of university of so called even famous brand people, a school gate, go straight towards construction site to do coolie continuously, perhaps arrive bathhouse child be versed in when give sb a rubdown with a damp towel.

Of course, not be to say our undergraduate cannot be become security personnel, cannot a month makes 1000 money, but, if learned 4 years to ensure public security to become namely, have should get on this to learn why? After all, this is the job that a holder of the General Certificate of Education can be competent.

The graduate of major of the gold in university of a famous brand, the work that why links the white-collar in a company cannot be found? Regard an university as the teacher, I think, our university is responsible. Be known according to me, be in famous brand university, so called gold is the more professional, education the more debatable, before some year, the student of alleged good major, do not see male teacher almost on classroom, have the teacher of bit of fame a little, basically cannot arrive undergraduate course classroom, now and then appear, tell a class, also be deceive finishs sth, although be hanged in the class of his under one's name, also go up natively by his doctor likely. The truth is very simple, the gold of university of alleged famous brand is the more professional, its are famous the professional work outside the professor is more, famous and advantageous, the professor is not grandson monkey, won't art of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else, was forced to subdue a student then. Plus these year come link of undergraduate course education is jerry, the disloyal be used to of this exercitation, school year and project make do at random, what can the student acquire during the university, really bad to say.
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