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Qin Hui: of to joke of of of make a present of of Ling Mi points to of moth
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Department of history of □ Tsinghua university teachs Qin Hui

1989 " political disturbance " afterwards, the backwater that reform process of China appeared more than two years, till 1992 spring, deng Xiaoping " south make one's rounds " just make reform begins again on new base. The be obvious to all of metabolic all over the world that comes to China 15 years: Be in " reform " respect China establish " market economy " target, be in " open " the desire that respect China realized to join WTO. Although this " market economy " in front still have " socialism " word of this ideological limitation, but the market economy that shows country of the majority on alive bound also is to have limitative word (" social market economy " , " welfare market economy " etc) , and beyond the strong control besides the government, china is right nowadays " market economy " other " restrict " (right of welfare, worker, social security, blame seek profits sectional development and even the tie with traditional religion are waited a moment) absolutely unlike alleged " develop market economy country " much, so that resemble the person such as Mr Zhang Wuchang praising recently " China is freer than the United States " , and Mr Li Jiacheng breathes out in disease vigilant " democratization creates welfare society " do not fear not democratic meeting is cloggy it seems that mart profit is good. On the other hand, although have,China joins WTO transfer period the protection of special provision, but this transfers period not long, china is in globalization " conform with international " it is quite fast that rate ought to say.

15 years progress is not defeated " revulsion " country

If say the TV political comment 1989 piece " the river dies young " still be in hardship China " ball book " , so 2006 another popular political comment piece predicting " big country rises abruptly " . Two films, true it may be said gives a person the sense of vicissitudes of life!

Of the outside and the inside of as indicative as these photograph, it is the real change that comes 15 years. In " do not argue " , " say less to be done more, do and do not say " " small Ping Zhihui " below, of these change can say greatly no less than alleged happening " revulsion " country of a few shunt. 1992-1997 year, while to foreign capital, town enterprise, private enterprise policy is opened substantially, chinese economic system achieved 3 big breakthroughs: Was to cancel food coupon, "Ticket card economy " the superfluous period that the end is adumbrative China begins to move toward market economy by the shortage times that commands economy. 2 it is open stock market, and warm up very quickly to fanaticism " wet " . Although still be not normal capital market, but the stock market of Chinese type initiated a kind of distinctive primitive accumulation mode. 3 be traditional collective economy waits in Su Na (alleged " doctrine of local government company " economy) the town enterprise of property develops the area had a with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning change campaign demesne, as " Su Na mode " outdated, came on stage 1997 " town enterprise law " made clear first " town enterprise " notional blame is specific meaning of system of ownership, by " company group company - town enterprise " the countryside look forward to that origin forms is belonged to " collective economy " say to make the history from now on. Suffer " countryside look forward to turns make " drive successfully, a lot of areas (Shandong Zhu Cheng) appeared the place inside prefectural region limits is state-owned enterprise " sell light completely " and even " send light " practice.
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