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Qin Hui: Talk the transition of Chinese society
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The goods that China produces is full of the world like onrush, china of the afflux like the capital tidewater of world each district. In globalization " Chinese competition " overwhelm, it forces welfare state to reduce welfare level already, also force free country to establish trade barrier again, still make underdeveloped country is in induct capital, obtain the respect such as resource to face greater difficulty... on the other hand, mode of this kind of development also forms in its interior " geometrid effect " : "Left-wing " be in power is damaged freely and welfare may not increases, "Right-wing " welfare of criterion of be in power is lost and free may not is promotional. "Left " when governmental enlarge authority cannot ask however duty, "Right " when governmental discharge duty do not wish to be restricted to counterpoise however. Left rise to encroach civilian private property and public money did not get ensuring surely however, right rise public capital fund is serious prediction of a person's luck in a given year and civilian private property however may not gets protection... another trend of the government is worth affirmation, this emphasizes the issue of public service liability of fairness and government more than in the past namely. However " geometrid effect " the mechanism is not solved, be afraid of only is authority easy enlarge and accusing ask, the reply below existing system " big government " can form only " enlarge counterpoises -- discharge duty " another loop. And walk out of " geometrid effect " , undertake with respect to need the constitutional government of authority duty correspondence is reformed.

-- " the dominant position that China leaves in globalization setting and crisis "

Who be, with a few paragraphs of so short sentences, type of the crucial point with respect to problem of society of the advantage Chinese economy and crisis, China, China " left-wing " and " right-wing " does the policy of government of countenance, China sway reason made accurate and thorough wraparound? This person is Qin Hui.

The economic miracle that Qin Hui admits China is not blind however hopeful. Look in him, chinese society was not walked out of " authority home is connected win, sweep the deck winning the home " and " put random, close to die " traditional pattern, the miracle of Chinese economy greatly of farmer of the China before profit from is reformed suffer what manacle and do not have industry of safeguard, China to also do not have the market and reform process China without the plan already only endowment " bargainor vacancy " , labor rights and interests does not protect what what bring about " trade charge " reduce, this kind tall accumulate, much waste time can, the development mode of low welfare, little freedom cannot be abiding, still existing by " inequitable bogus competes " bring about " the bogus that competes instead is just " dangerous, chinese reform still is in crossroad.
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