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Ge Jianxiong: Mulberry of Huan of end of have diarrhoea of Sou of the besmear be
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  • Distinguished scholar Mr Ge Jianxiong

Author: Director of research center of geography of director of institute of geography of history of China of Fudan University of? of P of a mythical bird like the phoenix, history, professor

In the Imperial Palace an antique audience hall one horn, astral Buck opened famous cafes 6 years here. Recently, CCTV English advocate sow Rui Chenggang to issue protest on its rich guest, think " the astral Buck in the Imperial Palace " the botch that is traditional to China culture, and to the star with individual name Buck's president issues protest, requirement star Buck moves out from the Imperial Palace. This protest gets many netizen echo on the net.

Buck cafe can open the heavenly body in the Imperial Palace, sponsor carry can appear to know the name of the company on the English introduction card inside the Imperial Palace, this is how itself of the Imperial Palace manages above all, manages whether validly problem -- , if do not have management department to approve, they are impossible that they run in the Imperial Palace to go.

The Imperial Palace is world culture bequest, it is cultural relic of countrywide key protection, ministry of cultural relic bureau of the director, culture, construction ministry is early had drafted relevant regulation, and can be checked regularly. Regard world culture as bequest, the Imperial Palace must accept the supervisory inspection of committee of bequest of culture of U.N. Educational world. The Imperial Palace is the travel tourist attraction of Chinese top level, relevant establishment must accord with the regulation of the branch such as travel, city building, public security, environmental protection. Astral Buck wants set up shop, return so that obtain corresponding charter or license. If do business 6 years, so much is in charge of a branch to do not have demur, the presence that shows it is completely lawful, that cannot enforce its change goes, unless it is freewill. On the other hand, if think the relevant provision that is in charge of a branch has mistake or existence flaw, have to make director branch undertake modification first, act according to the rules again next.

As to need not to need astral Buck in the Imperial Palace, can concessional it exists, this has to look in where, whether can affect the Imperial Palace to regard national emphasis as the figure of cultural relic and world culture bequest. In core area, reach its like 3 audience hall all round, of course cannot concessional any with symbol of original figure incongruous and colour. I see a piece of photograph go up, the demonstrative card hammer of English is in too go up with the post of the hall, this is one kind is destroyed, not was necessary completely also, although above do not appear carry connects a company to also be no good. In addition, everyday tourist of must consideration number and management, recieve personnel eat and drink pull scatter, it is beyond core area, the place that concealments quite is installed some rest, live and rest food boiled water, toilet establishment, belong to oneself necessary. To among them shop, in business character business, not was necessary to also should not use multiple level. Proportion of the foreigner in the tourist of the Imperial Palace is quite high, the person that loves to drink coffee among them is not little, set a coffee have why inappropriate? The foreign fascia nature that appears in these places is more than astral Buck, machine of credit card POS, phone, network, photograph collection equipment, snack, small commodities, down to toilet bowl, can use Chinese brand only, the Chinese traditional product before can using industrialization only even just goes, just accord with the characteristic of Chinese culture?
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