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Yu Shicun: Thing of green cruel rich dry Qing He
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Author: Yu Shicun

My student finds me through unit of a news. Went 10 years, student already " comparatively well-off " , teacher still " cold person " , before comparing 10 years even more back and belly is not had according to. Do not have teacher's dignity in those days, today is of the same generation more get along. The student will look for a teacher to work for its, the teacher refused. The student asks teacher customer finally, bearing of the way one speaks or what he says, do not concealSuccessfulThe personage's joyance is advantageous. The student professions say, he admits he is belonged to " youth is cruel rich " , but his achievement tries hard by oneself completely and come, the person with those brim embarrassing end is failure really, and they are like those, because they are not lazy, assiduous,be, the opportunity is equal to everybody. This word lets me did not love to listen. I recalled to be person division " bounden duty " , remind a student life is quite rich. The opportunity is equal say additionally, but life has countless kinds of vivid ways, those are inferior to your successful person, may not of its happiness feeling is not as intense as you, the scenery of their life is more beautiful than you even. I say again, the successful may not of your flatter oneself is a kind of success, the person that for instance your life may scorn than you is more nervous. The student admits his life pressure is great, quite nervous, but he feels, have rich success, other insufficient already theory.

After parting company with the student, I am wanting to meet this all the time. I sufferred the stimulation with small little. Although the successful personage with each passing day beside its are much, but what did not compare a student is cruel rich more make my dash forward unripe " good humanness division " meaning. Before us " let one share first rich rise " as a kind of catchword, a kindPolicy, tactics of a kind of strategy, think of rarely, this kind of strategy is so successful, success is so quick, we cannot think of more, how should follow " first rich remove comer " dialog. Exchange a word, toSocietyWill differentiate with rich success when the crowd, how should different crowd get along, coexist, communication. Although in recent years public opinion already was inDiscuss"The character of fortune " a kind topic, and the person that furtive communication has many successes is right the small bully of weak force, but this kind of topic is too acerb, too nervous. What we need is, of different crowd communicate effective, harmony, have constructive. And this kind of communication premise, without doubt, it is cruel above all rich a group of things with common features people the understanding to oneself. As the teacher, I feel embarrassed remind a student, the person does not represent money, the person is not inborn be to want to show to others oneself are to have resource, the person's value and meaning depend on him is a complete person.
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