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Zheng Jiang: What kind of education and science and technology does China need?
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Time: The ground nods on December 23, 2000 afternoon: Hall of Zhejiang library report

As a scholar, I am not to come of ostentation lips. Have the aid of this estrade, I think all trades and professions is exert a subtle influence on to intellectual acceptance, the process of asymptotic of in proper sequence. The angle from science talks about my a few viewpoints below, I raise a few major questions:

The first, the scientific research that our country did a few years and tackle key problem, in class of a few industry, is which a few having after all the industry that belongs to ethical industry of China to you perhaps can call his? Is which a few scientific research having after all count as one of the best in the world? What does China need after all now? I often go abroad, every go abroad, the soul gets baptism, be only too anxious to go the following day in what come back middle and primary school is told. Why? Feel pressing pressure and shame namely, went especially Japan and Korea, these two belong to east state together after going, feeling more.

Below these 4 respects, blow nearly 5 years the badliest.
Say superconduction first, this also begins from American. I am a professor, become a teacher greatly in short for Zhejiang Province, short for Zhejiang Province is big " begging is " it is a husk. Chinese intellectual has a weak point now, do not like a family to say his blemish namely, do not be willing more the blemish that oneself say oneself. I am willing to uncover today those who uncover oneself is short, face industrial home, I should tell the truth more. China today's science and technology is more very " dog " , this also is a hard job to Chinese professor, because the time passes more painstakingly, without money, add itself of comrade of on a lot of leaders to also do not have knowledge, to cheat a leader, let them move a bit money, it is better that must writes a few articles, report, catchword writes a few articles, report, catchword higher. For instance, educational group is so-called now " build the world first-rate university " , ministry of Education crosses a century to develop 10 universities that decide in the plan, now already make choice of 9, the 10th has not been singled out. Be in China this developing country, you can establish 10 world top-ranking universities, how many does that United States have? How many does Japan have? Present actual state is: Before 200 universities on the world, china is discharged do not enter! In the Asia can eduction a few? After I looked abroad, feel should build short for Zhejiang Province world top-ranking university to resemble communistic ideal greatly, we should try hard forever! But, we should not pursue so visional objective, go breathing out such catchword, our difference is very big still.
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