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Qiu Chengtong: This ┐ of Tuo of kiss thoroughfare discharge Gou У which bear
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The certain nitty-gritty that Qiu Chengtong academician clarifies concerned Beijing University (website of center of big maths of short for Zhejiang Province)

Beijing University is lifted to be in 3 talks that Professor Qiu Chengtong accepts media to interview recently exemple, criticize domestic campus, got a lot of home teach group public figure answer, it is the view of gentleman of approve of grave mostly. This action caused the intense echo of personage of a few Beijing University, they are in so called investigation is effective after the circumstance, made apology one time to Qiu Chengtong's talk. The reporter has favour to interview Qiu Chengtong to teach recently, ask him with respect to Beijing University " truth apologize " make a comment one time, introduce the detailed setting of concerned problem.

Reporter: You put forward to criticize an opinion to domestic base education and Beijing University for many times recently. The resonance of public figure of group of a lot of education and student parent is caused in home, a lot of people send post or poll support on the net, also somebody expressed different view. Recently Beijing University passes pair of part teachers and students interview, made apology one time to your speech. You whether release with respect to Beijing University " the truth is investigated " one article makes a few comments.

Qiu Chengtong: I notice " Beijing science and technology signs up for " after the article comes out, forces of Beijing University organization wrote " rejoin shape " , travel in media. I think someone emerges may not of problem of answer, explanation is evildoing. I also notice at the same time, this rejoins state is only " Beijing science and technology signs up for " the partial learning unhealthy tendency that the article discloses made a response, and not right " Beijing science and technology signs up for " the phenomenon makes the main learning corruption that discloses in the article exculpatory. What do about place of part of academic unhealthy tendency to Beijing University is exculpatory, the fact that I know and Beijing University rejoin the allegation in shape has very big discrepancy.

Reporter: You are being accepted recently " Beijing science and technology signs up for " when interviewing, because undergraduate course foundation is too weak,mention a boreal undergraduate that you recruit, be left school in Ha Fo finally. Since you choose to admit her at the outset,somebody thinks, have your reason naturally. The judge standard that selects a student at the outset to you had doubt.

Qiu Chengtong: Breathing out what courtyard of Buddha university a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties recruits every year is China's best student, majority is to come from Beijing University to wait for a school. These students are to pass us 1000 carry 10 thousand anthology come, of course among them with their recommendation " heft " big concerned couplet. We still are withholding Beijing University up to now the report of this classmate. Main subject achievement is:
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