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Who is the greatest person (Li Fang)
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China Youth Daily of Chinese youth newspaper " young topic " on Feburary 21, 2000 on Monday A lot of organizations happen to coincide judge Einstein to go centenary the greatest person, without
The 2nd kind of answer.

The Englishman is very proud, but they also know Mo Neng and fight, turn then and choose the past
Millenarian in the greatest person, they chose Newton. Tell Newton and Einstein very hard who more Wei
A bit bigger, but the Englishman says, although Einstein flies further, but we still live in Newton
In the world of mensurable dictate. This word is right.

Newtonian competitor besides Einstein, still have Lu De of fourth · of Galilean, horse, Darwin,
Fuluoyide, the inventor that includes atom bomb even Oppenheimer. I notice, they absolutely
Great majority is a scientist. That is to say, want immortal, make scientist opportunity the biggest.

The investigation that our country comes to 20 years shows, most the profession that gets respect, before the platoon 3 almost forever
It is scientist, teacher and soldier, no matter how social conduct changes, even for a time " make missile
those who be inferior to egg selling tea " , but this rank never has shaken.

From this we can see, the mankind a kind of approximately lasting value orientaton, also be the mankind
Spirit, it overrides on other and all standard, include fortune, influence to wait. Alleged " rich not
Cross 3 generation " , money is certain cannot immortal. The poet says, the person of stone of those name engrave,
The name rots quickly still than their person. Influence also cannot immortal. Einstein takes big check to become
Bookmark, and refuse hold the position of Israel country allow president, these do not hamper he becomes the past
Centenary li of the greatest person.

I guess, people is out of his mind the ground seeks money, it is to realise clearly likely, oneself are done not have
Leave behind a good reputation the actual strength of annals of history and opportunity. Otherwise, a lot of people perhaps can do a drop other, is not right now
The interest diligent in an attempt to of the world. This can see from inside children's more general growing course.
You are 10 years old when, him discovery is not a talent; When 15 years old, him discovery cannot be become cacique;
When 20 years old, the scientist's ideal is replaced by doctor or lawyer major, because father mother says,
Doctor lawyer can go up live very well too in the future, although you are half believing and half doubting; When 25 years old, you eventually
At admitting bitterly, oneself are not the poet expects that piece. You are an idealist no longer.
30 years old, you discover money is so lovely suddenly, then you are joined in a hurry " career " big
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