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Easy meridian passage: The San that boil endows with random
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Persuade gentleman to avoid Tan Chenyin scrupulously and respectfully

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What ought not to heat up became hot rise
Deceased historian Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully the heat person that became culture news suddenly after demit age is old, it is the thing of truth of an it doesn't matter it seems that. 
Historiography is not to show learn, mr Chen also is not lover of culture star, masses. Right, these year it is to have on screen of the literary world many " the history " , and perform dynamic, limelight is dye-in-the-wood, be like the people of the whole country to have historical hobby, also had not sufferred from amnesia like. However most have one's moment " historical novel " and " historical drama " what be? " return Zhugege " and " Yong Zheng dynasty " . Former already he say frankly is " play says " , latter is opened up to be by historiography bound " crooked say " . The history is in literary work can " play says " or " crooked say " , this is another problem (for instance " on the west travel notes " it is play says, " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " it is crooked say, or there is no lack of crooked say composition) . But play says, crooked say to be equal to solid say, saying, after all is a fact. They treat with Mr Chen and Mr Chen place history 8 pole are hit do not wear, also be a fact. So, historical novel and historical drama have his moment, do not mean a historian to also can have his moment, also should have his moment, what is more,the rather that are that history novel and historical drama or play compose a quarrel crooked say? In fact no matter the historian is very doleful likely after one's death before one's death. Epitaph of Ceng Zizhuan of Mr Tang Changru says: "Give birth to Yu Wu, die Yu Chu, diligent write, eventually of no help " , those who say is truth in the main. A historian may become culture famous person because of its scholarship, become heat person because of this very hard however. If was become, that has other reason certainly, for instance Wu Han. 
Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully also be different from a few otherer cultural worker. He is not Jin Yong, never keep associate politician, scientist to " the person that bring a car to sell a thick liquid flows " the novel of new group knight-errant that the person sees the person loves, also do not have so much chela and embrace wholesale. His composing, selection of subject already very special, character also very archaic and abstruse, interested person is not much, the person that sees so that understand is not much also, those who be interested to look so that understand again is more rare, where can be done is widely known well-knownly? He also is not Yu Qiuyu, never n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine passes " appetizing sweet ferry ferry chews a head a bit, was over to still can blow a hubble-bubble " " culture chewing gum " , never also had published group of condemn pilfer edition " solicit book of the people of the whole country " . His composing just won't by pilfer edition! Without which young woman student or young man student can be bought " card of Yuan Baishi annotation " or " willow is not passed so " . Is Liu Ru? Who is willow so? Be Wang Fei? Be still Tian Zhen? Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully who be? Be Wang Guozhen, Zhao Zhongxiang? Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully still be different from Wu Han, Liang Shuming. He never is by accusation " literary sinister gang " boss, the target of countrywide fluctuation condemn both in speech and writing is become between one night. He never also cries to great leader avowedly in the beginning of found a state board, be in again later " batch forest approve opening " when barefaced antagonism, allege " approve only forest, do not approve opening " . Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully finally 20 years, basically be loneliness of cold and cheerless, of unknown to public. He is different from Qian Zhongshu even. Money gentleman and Mr Chen is same, also be to learn rich of Chinese and Western of be linked together to connect today ancient, also be fame and gain of not seek fame and wealth not job make public. His " Guan Zhui is made up " , " Tan Yilu " , not much also the person looks so that understand. But money gentleman has been written after all " encircle a city " ah! Still was patted TV series, still pat quite successfully. This all knows with respect to the whole nation, everybody scramble for sth. So, can Mr Chen ever conclude with masses medium cross happy match? Without. 
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