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Cao Jinqing- - understand China
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Cao Jinqing, male, the Han nationality. Unripe 1949, zhejiang dragon tourist.
Cao Jinqing, be versed in for Huadongli the university is taught now. 1949, be born at Zhejiang orchid brook. 1953, fosterage swims at Zhejiang dragon grandmother home, childhood was spent in village. 1958, migrate along with the mother Shanghai. Came 1968 1972, farm of the Yangtse River of hold post Yu Chongming () of former Oriental red farm. Came 1972 1974, read history of Yu Huadong Normal University to fasten. Arrived 1974 1978, teach to reach school of children of worker of bureau of traffic of city of Lhasa of the Xizang Autonomous Region at middle school of a fabled abode of immortals of the urban district austral Shanghai. During, produce strong interest to hiding area zoology environment and buddhism. Came 1978 1982, read philosophy of Yu Fudan university to fasten. Came 1982 1988, teach Yu Haicheng establishs an institute. During, 1984---Took class of attend in a advanced studies of assistant of Hua Dong Normal University 1985, and compose " philosophy of contemporary west life " . 1988 up to now, hold post is versed in at Huadongli university culture institute and sociological courtyard. During this, main attention " 3 farming ' ' problem and China's modern relation, the new issue that the social transition place that pays close attention to contemporary China confronts, new case. Write have " equality is talked " , " the social culture of countryside of north of contemporary short for Zhejiang Province is transitional " , " Chinese unit appearance studies " , " the China of Yellow River edge " , " China 7 ask " wait for composing, translate " culture science " , " character and book are written- - the symbol of the thought " wait for a book. Publish a paper a few.

Understand China----Cao Jinqing teachs an interview to record
Reporter of this print engage by special arrangement Li Zongke
● pays close attention to social transition for a long time.
● is chased and ideal go ahead of the rest is the germ of the problem.
Where is the ethical standard with new ● ?
● 3 farming " the problem does not have package plan.
● fact appears to the heart of care only.
● theory and narrative differentiate.
Recently, reporter hear of in order to consider " farmer, country, agriculture " problem and famous Cao Jinqing is taught not demit hardships and dangers, thorough Central Plains draws up " the China of Yellow River edge " win award of art of literature of the 5th Shanghai. The research achievement of a scholar, why can you move toward the masses? The reporter cherishs curiosity, interviewed Mr Cao on a special trip.
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