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Bridge comet: How to study law
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Classmates, good evening!

I tell " tonight how to learn legal " , but not be the method that interprets common study law, however main from law, law

The feature of the law is told case. (because) we learn pron any thing, want to do the study object that is clear about us to have what feature above all

, property.

We should understand the nature of itself of law, law, the study method of the study method that should know law and other subject has

Why to differ, be about what to understand first is law.

Law is a scientific subject, alleged science is the knowledge about objective world, these knowledge are systematic knowledge, cent

It is two kinds: Science and society are scientific. Science is the phenomenon that studies nature and rule, and social science studies

Social phenomenon, the rule in studying the mankind lives reachs phenomenal science, wait like politics, economics, law.

Law cries again jurisprudential, so some schools call law the department, some schools call law the department again. Law go up from schoolbook

Can divide learn for academic law and solid usage. Academic law is the foundation of economic law. Picture on the west politics have class of law theory foundation,

It is the foundation that we study the other and economic law such as civil code, criminal law.

Regard law as the undergraduate students, our what study method in learning is decide by the property of law? I law

the feature is wraparound for at 6 o'clock: It is sociality, 2 for normative sex, 3 for notional sex, 4 for purpose sex, 5 for just sex,

6 for practical. Speak of class sex of law, it and our study method is irrespective.

Explain the first feature first: Sociality.

Law is regulation of a kind of society above all, if punishment law is research criminological wait, civil code learns is research between person and person, money

Produce with the relation between the person. Law regards a society as science, have sociality, it and science are different, expression is in:

1, cannot metric, cannot examine, cannot experiment, and science is quantifiable, can examine, can of the experiment.

Although we say practice is to examine the only standard of the truth, but practice is not equal to an experiment, practice is the practice of whole mankind society

is not to do a test, if the new population at the beginning of Ma Yin is talked, to now we just realise new personality mouth is talked is a kind of truth, be like sheet again

Planned economy of one state ownership, through more than 100 years time proved economy of single state ownership to won't do finally. 2, investigator and grind

Investigate the object is impartible, setting of the educational level of investigator, life as inseparable as research target. And science, if change
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