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Old Campagna: Spirit of university rank, university and university story
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Spirit of university rank, university and university story Before paragraph time, I answer Guangzhou to attend Zhongshan college 80 years anniversary of the founding of a school, knowledge, have feeling greatly. A lot of problem, everybody puts forward, hope I am solved. I am not spokesman of news of Ministry of Education, but the dilemma that before these problems highlighted Chinese university to look, faces, must face seriously. Say what in the final analysis is first the problem that everybody cares.

The first, ceaselessly the alumnus that comes back to join celebration asks the president, our school seniority the a fewth? The president knows perfectly well this kind to ask Fabuke learns, but also do not have method, can carry best rank to reply as far as possible only. Everybody knows, same place university, on different rank a list of names posted up, the position is different. Not only the president, the director that each courtyards fasten, say the rank created very great pressure to them. University rank, became one of issues that each university cares most nowadays, even Beijing University, Tsinghua such renown school is not exceptional also.

The 2nd, say on newspaper the other day, of England " peaceful interview person newspaper " roll out the whole world optimal university rank, beijing University is ranked the seventeenth, tsinghua fail in a competitive examination. My the first feeling is, make a mistake, be Zhou Xing gallop edition? Because, the first, it is so good that Beijing University is done not have; The 2nd, tsinghua is done not have so poor. Beijing University Tsinghua, between almost the same, if pull open a distance forcibly, that is sure this judge has a problem.

The 3rd, 2001, senior colonel just is initiated in campus in about " in great mind " discuss, the effect is allegedly very good. Everybody hopes to hear my opinion, namely, you how does look upon discuss this greatly?

The 4th, attend a meeting celebration, I make a speech to a normal school school incidentally, talk about university spirit. When open query, the student hopes I talk about Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully gentleman, the thought freedom that how evaluates him, learning advocates independently. I ask: Do you read Guo Chenyin scrupulously and respectfully is the book done not have? The answer is " not " . Did not read Guo Chenyin scrupulously and respectfully book, also like Tan Chenyin scrupulously and respectfully, this is a problem that I pay close attention to.

The 5th, old schoolmate meets chat, have those who take pleasure in other's misfortune, also have anxiety-ridden, they ask me: Why does the university often have an accident? A little while Beijing University doctoral student is admitted open to question, a little while old fraudulent practice of northing recruit students, a little while south division old woman student accompanies dance, a little while prexy of Fudan University economy goes whoring. Although the university graduates 20 old, but speak of an university, they have a kind of youth to envisage, feel the professors in the university are very very should pure, great. How become farfetched now, this makes them very difficult accept.
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