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Read a habit to begin: Everyday 10 minutes
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Jane Haili says the United States' famous pedagogic home: "Even if be literary work of 10 minutes only,read to the child everyday, to the child growing have profit greatly. To the child growing have profit greatly..

Recite literary work to be able to help children increase the following capacity to the child as a child: Read a habit, thinking ability, writing ability, imagination, creativity.

Parents is beside lively ground is recited, can produce very good result for the clue. The child that won't speak also can be understood, the child that can speak still can ask accordingly: "Why? "Why??

Of children " why " have 100 thousand, father mother scarcely wants irritated, because they are pondering over a problem. Answer them seriously, continue to recite again next.

Support language undertakes thinking, what the language of beautiful, brief introduction can promote thinking is nimble with fine, written language often compares oral language is delicate and rich logic, but we cannot teach the child recital. So parents should be recited to the child more, the child is met gradually such language is used to nurturance, and ponder over a thing with such language, after be brought up, their nature can use such language come out oneself idea expression.

It is with creativity again exemple, the mainest essential factor of creativity is to be good at associating, rise thing connection from brand-new angle, the thing that lets never concern communicates connection in your cerebra. Be good at associating the generation to creativity is very important. Preschool education experts emphasize particularly, to cheeper, want the pure language information that measures certainly to them, should use high quality as far as possible, the language with descriptive strong sex is told about to the child, let while they are listening, picture is formed in cerebrum (this is creation, it is each are not identical) , the process that hears a story takes exercise namely associate the ability, process that develops creativity further. If let the child had spent much time to sit before the television, he receives image can simply from inside the picture only, the opportunity of creation was stripped however.

If let darling engage the language of high quality and mind as a child, grown in such atmosphere, the child is met in the future it is better to have to the language control ability.