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20 when Chinese of the university entrance exam fors reference classic problems
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  One, how should be composition seeing a picture written? How should propositional composition pay a focal point?

See graph composition, because of the picture that can study it is caricature, caricature is allegorical, the most important is the knowledge that should to the implied meaning of this caricature one has been compared.

Propositional composition is an exam in must, because the exam is about to have the style of some kind of limitation, the exam that is not a composition otherwise. Propositional composition has all sorts of different forms, a kind of limitation is before material composition, present topic composition is opener, with respect to present topic composition proposition, classmates are in at ordinary times in composition exercise can a variety of forms go drilling, but, in the exam should the style that him make choice of is good at, keep the data that oneself are good at, emphasize at writing good language.

   2, what is the study skill of classical Chinese article? How can ability raise the level of classical Chinese article as soon as possible?

Learn classical Chinese language, very important facet is accumulated substantivally namely, because function word, notional word includes in element of classical Chinese article, include grammar, notional word is the commonnest. What had compared to notional word is accumulate with solid control, article of understanding classical Chinese had a base. Learn classical Chinese language, want to accumulate on one hand, should have on the other hand conclude ability, undertake concluding according to the article meaning of context. The classical Chinese article with good the university entrance exam, also be in certain foundation aspirant travel concludes. Also need a certain quantity of classical Chinese article additionally read, we are understood very easily to contemporary article, because we are familiar with its language mode,be, classical Chinese article is read do not understand, basically be mode of not familiar language. If this respect can reach certain familiar level, it is easier to read classical Chinese article. 3 respects, accumulate substantivally, according to context conclude, still have to the language hep, this is the key that learns classical Chinese language.

   3, of social science literary works what is reading skill?

What the company division article previously emphasizes is cultivation and literary sex, what emphasize with the article of the social science henceforth now is times sex, knowledge sex and interest sex, be similar to the subject matter of news. What company division article makes an on-the-spot investigation also is the cultural background with be in certain accumulate on, accurate the ability that gets new information, when the problem is being become in be being read accordingly, if be immersed in the reflection of a kind of pure skill, the effect is bad. Examinee should transfer his intellectual reserve at any time, accumulate with oneself knowledge establish connection, pass the spot so unscramble, ability gets better result.
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