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In last few years, the propositional train of thought of examination questions of the university entrance exam already by " intellectual conception " turn for " ability conception " and " real problem conception " . That is to say, the exam pays attention to check student to apply each division knowledge integratedly to solve the ability of real problem more and more. Liberal art examination paper indicated bright times gender more outstandingly 2004, when attention politics heat, focus, pay close attention to the social life, development that pays close attention to new and high technology and application, what its cover a range is wide, set the work that asks a form, must cause our attention.
In last few years the university entrance exam tries the basis a propositional characteristic, when we suggest examinee reviews those who understand a focal point from the following respects politics content:
1. and marriage of teaching material knowledge, attention from theoretic undertake to current affairs much angle is analysed, make theory and actual and organic union rise, the proposition of examination questions of the university entrance exam pays attention to the integrated ability of check student more and more, mix to the savvy of real problem especially the ability of problem of integration of theory with practice, no matter be political sheet big still integrated examination questions is medium in division examination questions, have quite one part content involves momentous current events. Accordingly, examinee understands the process that masters current affairs content, should apply place to learn a principle to undertake analytic the process of the evaluation to its namely, also be the process that improves oneself thought knowledge, when reviewing not only when wanting to notice politics the connection that waits for content with political common sense, economy common sense, notice according to its itself place provides some omnibus characteristics even, in blending in its the other subject such as the history, geography, go, undertake interdisciplinary mutiple level analysis. For instance, hundred years Olympic Games returns to native place, good athlete of our country motion goes all out in work tenaciously, obtained second of seniority of gold a list of names posted up revolutionary achievement, this is a heat problem that can wait for many sided check from politics, history, geography. On geography, can feature of the situation of check Athens, climate and its resource and environment. On the history, big field can involve Olympic Games history, world history, little respect but check moves each the generation that is in our country and phylogeny, on politics, we carry through understanding Benciao is throughout history attends the Olympic Games with country and area maximum amount, not only can analyse reach " peace and development are current world development two big themes " viewpoint, still but fluoroscopy goes abroad to already turned with national argue " the argue that is comprehensive national power " this one academic knowledge. In addition, can borrow hold an Olympic Games to promote tertiary industy development, come check is rectified, normative market order, adjust the content of economic common sense such as industrial structure. Athletic good athlete goes all out in work gain the championship, a list of names posted up of our country gold is ranked the 2nd, can divide separate out from philosophy " the thing is ceaseless and forward progress " , "The unity of the ongoing sex of development and labyrinthian sex " wait for development to watch a principle, still but deep-seated analysis goes out " the dynamic effect of subjective activity " etc. The ability of the line that to should pay attention to check to the university entrance exam the student uses much discipline ABC, basic technical ability to allow to know a party truly, guiding principle, policy and problem of the heat in analyse and solving a society to live, examinee must strengthen the training of basic skill of integration of theory with practice, when ground of much angle, deep administrative levels is right politics setting material undertakes an analysis, in order to increase the quality of oneself and capacity.
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