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The family teachs epigrammatic encyclopedia
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■ good individual character excels outstanding ability and wisdom

■ infantile mood, it is the report that knows the world

■ endowment as natural flowers and trees, want to use crop

■ to the child, the life is a school, one wood can become one grass the object of research, exploration

■ the study of cheeper is all-around, not confine is written at reading calculate and all sorts of craft

■ the previous gentle slow lag that education goes out to drill, can destroy the child's normal psychology growth

■ in any industries, moving toward successful the first pace is pair of its generation interest, cheeper study is more such

■ the interest that education must explore children from mentally and habit begin

■ while parents is teaching the child, also undertaking ego is taught

■ parents is natural teacher, they are right children, especially the impact of cheeper is the biggest

■ the seek knowledge and learns appetite that stimulates cheeper, far more finite than church knowledge is significant much

■ parents should foster the child to think independently gradually, the habit that solves a problem independently, establish the child's confidence from this

■ the main skill that teachs children, turn the thing that children should do into a kind of game

■ the successful =1%IQ of a person (intelligence quotient) 99%EQ (affection business)

■ mother love is the most divine feeling between the world, the heart adulteration meantime that should be wealth and position of least of this kind of feeling

■ the child is in cheeper meantime, contain is worn infinite possibility, need parents tries to dig and guide

■ as long as teacher and parent are harmonious and consistent, ability forms educational resultant force

■ parents accompanies the child impossibly all one's life, must foster social consciousness of the child and independent consciousness as a child so

■ before reaching sensible age, the child cannot accept a concept, and can accept form only

■ the process of parental education child, also be the process that oneself is comprehended ceaselessly and learns

■ educational art does not depend on imparting competence, and depend on doing one's utmost, wake up and invigorate

■ the method that makes a person develops the greatest ability, be admire and encourage

■ parents is the earliest illuminative teacher that children behaves in all words and deeds in the life

■ the child's reason grows ceaselessly, do not want raise they, and should guide them

■ want the parent to be good at using only, every detail in the life can use educational child

■ learn in the life, it is the study method with the most effective cheeper

■ disposition is modelled only then at infantile period

■ if you love the child really, send him with respect to this " go to sea classics storm "
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