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Shallow talk about study method
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I am here to everybody (high school is unripe) communicate study method. Be in at ordinary times in learning a process, everybody can be encountered for certain a few do the title that does not come to perhaps say a bit main threads of an affair is done not have, accordingly, I suggest everybody: After the teacher explains, look for a jotter these either very the title of the meeting is written down, the analytic process that keeps these titles clear (solve problem train of thought namely) reach the detailed measure that solve a problem, between empty Yu Shi, take jotter again, look those are so bad to do how is the subject become, relapse instead so answer until the title till complete have a thorough grasp. I want to pass the effort of period of time, everybody can obtain different to think the results that be less than certainly. Nevertheless, here I should remind everybody: Not pure be inscribed to do and forgot textbook, lose aside without giving thought to, because textbook is a foundation after all!

Additional, draw near the exam has some of classmate not to know how to be reviewed, this is a very rusty thing! So, how we should be reviewed? I suggest here everybody: 1, textbook of have a thorough grasp; 2, what when look and eating turbine, you record not quite the title of the meeting.

Finally, in learning a process, everybody should place state of mind of as it happens, not self-abased, often thinking me how to learn also is to learn bad, or I how also be not a patch on is other classmate, go against everybody's study so, accordingly, when study, everybody should want to have hope to oneself, swing self-abased!

Hope everybody can communicate with me!