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The whole nation took an examination of examination questions of Chinese undergr
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One, individual choice is inscribed (this big problem in all 20 little problems, every are small inscribe 1 minute, in all 20 minutes)
There is only in the 4 equipment option that in every little problem lists accord with thematic requirement, fill in its code please inside the bracket after the problem. Fault choosing, much choose or did not choose all do not have cent.

1. " ask to make together after Zhao Wei " basically be criticize makes together " Jun Guimin cheap " thought, the starting point that its refute considers is (      )
A. Denounce argument B. Denounce argument
C. Denounce proves D. Denounce manner
2. " autumn water " in, village is used " well frog is not OK language Yu Hai person, arrest at empty also " the understanding that will show a person should get (      )
A. Limitative B of the space. The limitation of time
C. The limitative D of congenital quality. The limitation of acquired education
3. " Da Liyi book " in, "Water is big and the float of content person size Bi Fu " Yu Yi is (      )
A. All up is crash B. Old character Wu goes
C. Gas fills Yan Yi D. Civil in order to carry
4. " answer minister expostulate with discusses a book " in, wang Anshi refutes new law of minister light stigmatize the principle of make a point of a variety of viewpoints is (      )
A. Recieve orders at the person advocate B. Lift first Wang Zhi politics
C. For D of the world conduct financial transactions. Renown fact wants conform to
5. Lu Xun is being written " the informal essay below the lamp " when this article, think China is lying at that time (      )
A. People thinks the times B that become slave and does not get. People is done temporarily firm servile times
C. People thinks the times D that do host and does not get. People is done temporarily firm master times
6. " choice and arrangement " in, the essentials that composes to clarify, more ground applied Zhu Guangqian analogy proves a method, this basically is reflected in (      )
A. More ground applied concrete example attest to occupy in the article
B. More ground was applied in the article " 3 paragraphs of type " inference
C. More ground used the method that contradictory chooses in the article
D. More ground applied embattle of resort to arms to make analogy card in the article
7. " biographies of Li Jiang army " in, write Li An " leave a sword from the neck " hind, scholar-bureaucrat arms soldier and sadness of common people all without exception, for wide to depict plum figure, method of this kind of expression is (      )
A. Matting B. Comparative
C. Side writes D. Serve as a foil to
8. " Ma Ling passes " in have a paragraph of character: "Husband its are stunt with Li Ling, beg without place doing, walk along hill of thing elder brother therefore, hill seeing elder brother still appropriate seeing cent also, divide appropriate in order to divide appropriate teaching, be installed so that be versed in? " among them the 3rd " cent appropriate " those who point to is (      )
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