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The exam walks along a god how to do study often careless how Mo does
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Be in at ordinary times in the exam, many examinee have magical experience. Walk along a god to often make examinee painful, anxious. Consider absorbed ground answering question, also know time is very close, can be " the god is not defended abandon " , the other thought that has nothing to do with examination questions appears often, make a person uncontrollable.

Below the condition of relaxed freely, should undertake study to interested thing, when studying, can appear far from the appearance that what takes magical. The body and mind that the reason is us does not have pressure, without insecurity. When the exam, the circumstance differs somewhat. Examinee can consider the evaluation of future, family, society to wait. Be come from the pressure of external environment by these, the body and mind of examinee is in high-strung condition. If long and such, the defense mechanism of person physiology can come out to intervene, in order to undertake ego is protected, behaving just is attention cannot be centered.

Want to take an exam not to take a look, the most essential is to overcome worry, purify insecurity. For this, the psychological preparation that should try must have been made before try, consider the main purpose that takes an exam this, motive. The tentative idea is in oneself are current of motive control next exams, want to dare to consider worst consequence, exterior motive rules the failure below can be what kind of consequence, must think seriously, make oneself chase gradual change can accept worst fact. Psychology considers to make clear, to the study task of medium difficulty, the motive level of intensity moderate makes the person builds self-confidence the most easily. Before the exam, the actual ability that wants him foundation will begin an end certainly, both neither can decide exam goal too high, not beyond the mark also self-abased. Will tell commonly, if oneself actual strength uprights to go up at taking an examination of, do not take an examination of on between, can reduce motive level appropriately at this moment. The insecurity of such exam, angst can be reduced, won't produce examination room to go up commonly " take a look " phenomenon.

But in case in the exam " take a look " , how to do? Method of a few kinds of jury introduces below. Loosen, time-out replies, close double eye, say to oneself gently " loosen " , 6 times such repetition, notice to experience the feeling with flabby whole body, continue next exam paper. Systemic take up, cap-a-pie experiences the feeling of take up, about 10 seconds, loosen suddenly next, experience systemic sarcous condition, cap-a-pie experience, call in next the god will continue to reply. Provide a time that takes a look technically to oneself, about 1 minute. The look can take inside 1 minute when him warning sets in this next, other time is absolutely cannot, do not in that case ego penalty, if take him look with respect to him clutch one coarse. Knowledge of this kind of intention controls automatic method strictly to also can receive an expression, make " take a look " the phenomenon dare not run rampant.
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