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Examinee is entered for reference level parent has done 10 things
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Examinee enters ego to for reference after level, a lot of examinee will be reviewed in the home, to ensure to before taking an examination of, be reviewed quality is mixed adjust good exam state of mind, according to my old research experience, ask to 10 things had been done before the parent is taken an examination of.

Parent mood wants to stabilize
Before the exam, parent mood stability can affect the child necessarily with gentle state of mind goes treating the university entrance exam, some parents listened to a few hearsay, mood ignore tall ignore low, wave motion is very big, what this can affect child state of mind is gentle, meet the child increase the wave motion on a few moods. The state of mind that affects the child already adjusts, affect the child again review quality. During the child before the university entrance exam fors reference, the parent should cast off the interference of the outside, often maintain gentle state of mind, the quality that fors reference to the child will have very big effect.

Parent mood wants happy
During forring reference, the parent's mood is close friends, some parents fear child take an examination ofing is bad, the mood is bad, woebegone, conversation is very few, the child looks to understand, the parent is more nervous than oneself. Before the university entrance exam half month, the family should have a sweet and harmonious atmosphere, what this will conduce to child state of mind is gentle. Emotive force is tremendous, sweet psychological atmosphere, will melt child heart is medium depressed, anguish, fretted, conduce to child adjustment state of mind, conduce to the child rising review quality.
Before the university entrance exam half month, the debate does not produce in the family, quarrel also does not happen between parents, if truly serious principle problem needs to solve, put after the university entrance exam ends to undertake again. Because the father and mother that there are a few candidate for an entrance examinations every year before the university entrance exam signs up for volunteer meaning to see abhorrent or reviewed method is abhorrent generation argues, produce brawl even, destroy the child's gentle state of mind, influence child reviews efficiency.

The university entrance exam endeavored to go
According to my investigation and study, parent of a lot of Number One Scholar, the parent of candidate for an entrance examination of college of a lot of keys, the child chatters no longer before taking an examination of, exhort repeatedly no longer serious, meticulous, careful, also talk no longer take an examination of bad consequence how, also do not promise to had been taken an examination of to the child buy what computer, more not minatory child is taken an examination of see me how clear away you bad. They say a word to the child only: "Should endeavor to go only when the university entrance exam! " a lot of examinee tell to me: "Parents such word makes the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in my heart, I ate sth capable of comforting sb, the sureness in my heart, I can endeavor. I can endeavor..
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