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Red, yellow, blue: the whole value chain early education industry
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Enterprise development to a certain stage, to become bigger and stronger, often through investment, partnerships and other external resources can be a leap of growth. Leading red, yellow, blue and early education sector is going through such a stage. Red, yellow, blue and first-time father set up their own popularity. This is very common in foreign countries but domestic is still in the "infancy" mode of education in the 1990s into China, mainly for infants and young children 0-3 years old, stressed parental involvement and interaction. Red, yellow, baby blue and the East is the first "early adopters" Family education market institutions, both by way of Direct + chain of more than 100 cities across the country to build three or four hundred Qin Ziyuan, is this market segment leader. Baby always with the East, "specializing in infants and young children 0-3 years old early education," the orientation is different from red, yellow, blue and from 2003 began to extend the brand to kindergarten for children 3-6 years old market, became the first same time Qin Ziyuan and kindergartens with educational institutions in the two business systems. Education of children in the red, yellow, blue and Technology Development Co., Ltd., founder and chairman of view the history of Yan, the general educational institutions limited to parenting education or kindergarten education, the children complete a stage, to replace the new environment, adapt to new learning method, will face many problems. Red, yellow, blue and philosophy of education with the same strain, the integration of teaching methods, supplemented by the development of transition programs in particular, can solve these problems. "Qin Ziyuan the development of positive interaction with the nursery has become the unique advantages of red, yellow, blue, and differentiated core competencies." Shi Yan to the "Business Weekly" said. Dual mode of business interaction management, not only can enhance customer recognition and loyalty, but also can improve the overall efficiency of red, yellow, blue. Education programs and other business organizations compared to a single, red, yellow, blue and can effectively reduce the cost recovery period, enrollment, recruitment and so there are more advantages. But the history of Yan to that walk this road is not easy. The big difference between the two stages of the content of education, the difficult problem of integration, red, yellow, blue and by drawing on foreign experience, increase investment in research, made a breakthrough earlier in 2004 for China to develop the children aged 0-6 "Stereoscopic education program. " However, the kindergarten market development, the red, yellow, blue and the relatively slow progress. From 2003 to date, and only out of more than 30. Compared with the Qin Ziyuan, kindergartens large scale, for equipment, teaching and management requirements are higher, is not easy to replicate, which also determines the domestic market institutions, kindergartens everywhere but few on the scale of the enterprise situation. 2008 years ago, only kindergarten Direct red, yellow, blue, 5 out of 10. This year, red, yellow, blue please Renaissance matchmaking, pre-financial sector had the biggest strategic investment to date, the situation began to change. Yan look at the history, the corporate finance means that the development to a higher and better stage, "in terms of financing for the red, yellow, blue, is not only a process to obtain funds, but also a process of cooperation resources the industry." She This interpretation of the financing of special significance for the red, yellow, blue, "we learned from the investors a lot of things, their recommendations and questions to help us think more in-depth development model of red, yellow and blue." Through this financing, red, yellow, blue and also found fit their own educational philosophy and mode of strategic partners - the United States Scholastic Group, which brings a richer experience in operations management and education resources. Shi Yan to think whether to join or use of Direct and rapid development of the education business are facing the problem of standardization and normalization, and therefore liquidity, the red, yellow, blue and did not immediately start the expansion of the machine, but it took nearly a year reshape their business models and standard processes. After the Qin Ziyuan red, yellow, blue and kindergartens in the business, starting and joining Direct twin-engine, has entered a phase of rapid expansion. In 2010, red, yellow, blue and continue to explore new growth space, and Vanke, ocean, and many other well-known golden source developers to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, the "real estate + education" win-win model extends to the early education field. Prior to this, red, yellow, blue Qin Ziyuan cooperation with the commercial real estate has achieved win-win results, has been covering international business center Wangjing, Blue Harbor Mall, Wanda Shopping Mall and many other core business projects. Kindergartens and residential real estate will now be "education package", but also opened up for the red, yellow, blue and broader growth space. Looking next phase of development, the history of Yan to believe, in order to generate benefits of scale, must be based on the channel system, an extension of industrial chain. Red, yellow, blue and now are working from early education services to the development of educational toys, books, CD-ROM publishing, family education, extend the area of guidance services. The future, Qin Ziyuan and kindergartens in the consolidation of development advantages on the basis of interaction, red, yellow, blue will be formed Qin Ziyuan, kindergartens, family education series three systems, building play a more complete industrial chain of early childhood.