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Baoding set up the first nursery for children with disabilities to fill the ga
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Recently, Baoding, Hebei's first nursery for children with disabilities - south downtown Blue Dream Nursery Baoding orphanage building in the park opened. Now the hospital a total of six disabled children and 10 normal children. Baoding early education industry to fill the kindergarten children with disabilities, the industry is not blank. According to report, Blue Dream is a major nursery for handicapped children run by the nature of a public kindergarten, the future will receive free municipal orphanage for disabled children for admission admission, but also for the community to provide children with disabilities, childcare, rehabilitation and other special services for families with disabled children to reduce the burden, but also for the growth of children with disabilities to provide a better environment. The kindergarten Baoding Disabled Persons Federation, Civil Affairs Bureau, jointly run by social welfare institutions, located in Baoding in social welfare. The total area of 4,600 square meters, the Park can accommodate 260 children, a total of 21 early childhood education, including special education teachers have three, now offer small classes and rehabilitation of disabled children. Compared with the general nursery, the park special configuration of the fence, surveillance systems, crash safety protection facilities such as the septum, and configure a special health center and health care doctors, at any time for the park to support health care for children with disabilities. For the special rehabilitation needs of disabled children, kindergarten is also equipped with a full set of the rehabilitation of disabled children equipment, a variety of recreational facilities, desk toys is customized according to special requirements. At the same time nursery is also equipped with a full-featured special teaching aids. General child care in the provision of education at the same time, the park can be as cerebral palsy, mental retardation professional rehabilitation training for children with disabilities, usually calculated on the courses, hand, health, social, art, dance. The kindergarten teachers are qualified through professional training, with care, training, qualifications of children with disabilities, requiring special caring and patience. In addition to children with disabilities to meet social welfare needs, the kindergarten also for the community to provide child care for children with disabilities, rehabilitation services. "Thanks to the kind of social units and people donate to our park, we will do our own work, so that more disabled children get a good education and good growing environment. Parents of disabled children are also welcome to bring their children to park rehabilitation training. hope that the healthy growth of children, in the procedure, the only evidence of the provision of hospital and health of the table on it. "Cher Blue Dream kindergarten director Zhao said. Since 2008 she has established kindergartens for children with disabilities the idea, after two years of effort to finally park built. The lack of pre-school education this session, many children with disabilities in school, social integration into the life and even more obstacles encountered. Baoding established the first kindergarten for children with disabilities, children with disabilities Baoding fill gaps in early education issues.