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Hundreds of school principals and education officials in Canada to strike a Ch
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18 reporter learned from the Hanban, 100 school principals and education officials in Canada from 15 to 23, to China to attend "Chinese Bridge - Canadian school principals on a trip" activities, to strike a Chinese language teaching experience. It is understood that in June this year, Chinese President Hu Jintao paid a state visit to Canada was invited. During the visit to strengthen cultural exchanges and deepen the friendship between the two peoples, consolidate public opinion in Canada relations, Hu said China will invite 100 local education officials and the Canadian school principals visit China this year, invited 100 to participate in the Canadian high school students go to China next year summer camp. The "Chinese Bridge - Canadian school principals on a trip," Hu was instructed to implement specific measures. In Beijing, the delegation will visit Hanban, and went to the school was the first, Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, etc. visit exchanges. Subsequently, the delegation will be dispatched to Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu and three provinces visited. In the provinces during the event, they will visit primary and secondary schools, cooperative district, school principals participate in foreign exchange, to observe the third "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for high school students, and schools with local small and medium enterprises to establish relations of cooperation. Hanban official pointed out that the Hanban's "Chinese Bridge - Foreign Principals on a trip," is by far the largest Sino-foreign educational exchange programs, primary and secondary schools to promote Sino-foreign cooperation in language teaching to better promote Chinese language teaching and foreign primary and secondary Chinese language and culture courses smoothly. 2005 to 2009, China has invited the Canadian 148 school principals and education officials to visit China. Up to now, the Canadian total of 7 and 15 Confucius Institute Confucius Classroom. In another development, to promote the development of the Confucius Institute, the Confucius Institute Headquarters Hanban also in the recently held "2010 Senior Seminar foreign president." This is the headquarters of the Confucius Institute this year, the first major foreign president of corporate training. Seminar is divided into Chinese and foreign cultures, the Chinese economic, diplomatic and education sector, from Wu Jianmin, Ge Jianxiong and other well-known experts and scholars to teach foreign officers.