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Tutors do not teach the knowledge only sit quietly
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Children and love to sit down, the parents specifically requested a "model tutor" to teach children in the homework Anan Jing sit down. Department of Chinese Hubei University sophomore small summer yesterday introduced a half ago, who lives in the garden of the parents Chan Shin Xu asked him as a tutor, "7 pm every night over 7-year-old son to accompany Chan homework together, do not teach him What knowledge, only the child sitting beside him sat a quiet homework set an example. " Ms Chan says that her son is very smart, but some good action, every homework are restless, "one would want to drink, one would want the toilet, in fact, want to play for a while. Please do a 'role model tutors' purpose is to camp Create a learning environment to develop children's qualitative and good study habits. " In addition to "model learning" outside influence, Ms. Chen also called the son of a small summer weekend to stroll to the university campus, "let the children feel the college atmosphere in advance." Tutor did little more than a year, said the summer, the general Parents are to teach cultural knowledge, tutoring, Ms. Chen was the first time such an encounter. As a result of easy, small summer fees are relatively low, "the general charge of 25 yuan to 1 hour 40 Element, but this time only charge 15 yuan an hour. "