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Domestic interior education should agree
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Now, the circumstance with domestic education abhorrent interior is very much, father wants severe canal, the mother wants doting; Parents wants severe canal, grandfather grandma wants coddle. Such doing make child not know what to do, some children learned exploit an advantage, create contradiction even, whose word is favorable to oneself who listen to, can you form good convention how so?

Domestic education is abhorrent, not only go against educational child, and the trouble that still can cause the parent. A parent ever said, child of be used to of grandfather, grandma, make he cannot be applied to the child religion. The grandfather says to small grandchildren: "You must go up every Sunday I the expression that this will come to report your father! " result child had depend on, father just was in charge of him, he says: "Do not be in charge of me so fierce, I still give you the report on Sunday, see somebody be in charge of your nobody to be in charge of you! " sometimes the child made a mistake, the parent is in charge of, the grandma is being protected, say: "You should hit the child, beat dead me first calculated! " do the parental not know what to do that gets the child. The child stole a family a dish of magnetic tape, ground of firm of the firm after father discovers is criticized, the child begins to acknowledge a mistake, dropped tear. at this moment, the grandma came, the small grandchildren that sees oneself is dropping tear, feel the child sufferred extremely big grievance, one comes over child cuddle, it is close, be love. The child's father is dissatisfactory, say he stole the family's thing, but old grandma says however: "What does the thing that steal a dot have? The child! Had not you stolen a thing in one's childhood? The tree on you steals a jujube to let hornet be stung so that Ao Ao chaos cries, did you forget? " the child is heard here, "Attack Chi " laugh run out, a moment ago father's criticism becomes invalid entirely.

Present child but argute, can see act of person hint given with the eyes very much, there is contradiction between adult, he with respect to exploit an advantage, who is advantageous to him who listen to. Individual child still can come this hand: Make bit of family contradiction let the parent quarrel intentionally, next he from the exploit an advantage intermediate. Auger will be gotten became dual personality, to in those days reeducate is more difficult. Accordingly, domestic interior education must agree.

Want to make domestic interior education keeps consistent, should notice the following:

1 , parent should notice study teachs theory, unite educational thought.

The parent's thought unites right educational idea to go up, ability can form uniform method. What we say is consistent, it is the accord below right idea guidance, is not what fall in wrong thought guidance is consistent, if say you hit the child, I am hit badly still than you, this kind agrees is no good.
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