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Children psychology problem exposes a family to teach the crisis
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Expert of Liu Baosen psychology points out, in the education to children domestic education is attached most importance to weigh mediumly, however the factor that at present the miseducation idea of a few families became those who cause child psychology problem to cannot be ignored however, among them with " the name of love " the family is taught particularly typical.

Qingdao city some elementary school Xiaoming of 6 grade student (alias) always run away from home, pained to his family unceasingly. Not long ago, the father of unidentified reason is bringing the child, come to division of some hospital psychology together. The what one says during a conversation of doctor, child and parent slept lightly confused parent.

Father: "Doctor, you saw this child brain give what trouble, run away from home easily, I and his mom do not have method! "

Doctor: "How are you and child relation in? "

Father: "Cough! Did not carry! I am born to be fought with him from this child! This child very gruff, gruff when I beat him, fought 12 years with him, I had not fought him now! "

Doctor: "Why should run away from home? Know not to know father is very afraid? "

The child: "He just does not worry about me, when I have memory, he is hitting me! I hate my father! "

Doctor: "Why to hit the child? "

Father: "It is good that I feel this child goes up personally much worse mistake, I fear he learns bad in the future, cannot grow into useful timber! "

The child: "I had asked a fellow student, I those good friend parents do not hit them, only I am endured in the home every day beat! "

Father: "I also feel he hates me recently, I dare not hit him, I want to talk with him well, but he does not listen to me again. "

Doctor: "The parent is to stem from responsibility heart to come certainly child, but the method that a lot of people adopt is incorrect, the child does not understand why father wants to hit him, although the parent stems from a kind of responsibility, but the child's feeling is this home look does not issue him, he cannot get family even approbate, what cannot enjoy this family is warm, so he just leaves. "

This psychological doctor tells a reporter, similar case is too much and too much, the educational means of domestic mistake causes child psychology occurrence error probably. Have the presence in brain of a lot of parents " the dutiful son gives under bludgeon " " do not lay become a useful person " " the tree hits nature straight " wait for an idea, actually the parent loves the child, but of bludgeon type fostering means is a kind of harm to the child actually, everything the name with love, the result of love produced hate however. In the meantime, to it the educational way with opposite as it happens, namely the parent is doting without principle ground to the child, docile and obedient also be the another cause that causes child behavior problem, because this family teachs a trend,any extreme is improper.
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